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#11—"The Other" Strikes
The Protectors, answering a call for help, go to the generator room to find someone spraying the place with water. That someone is the captured Ross Kincaid, who was mutated into Cascade by "the Other." The Protectors subdue him. They are informed by the Canadian Army of a receiving point for recent transmissions—an abandoned army installation up north. The Protectors head for this place only to find "the Other" has laid a trap. The trap is four synthetic Hulks and "the Other." "The Other" turns out to be… the Leader. These synthetic Hulks turn out to be the Protectors' most formidable opponents to date and they give the fight of their lives. After using every last ounce of energy, power, and cunning, the Protectors were able to defeat the Hulks. Not without a price, however. Tsunami the winged fighter, strongest member of the Protectors, is on the verge of death. He is tended to and is somewhat stable but very weakened. As the Protectors tend to Tsunami, a horrifying event is taking place. As the ice cracks, a creature emerges. The Protectors watch helpless as first a paw, then another, and finally a whole body emerges. It resembles a smoke-black mountain lion, twenty feet high at the shoulders. It is Kimara the Could Stalker, a hell-beast of old. And it is free once more…

#12—Cat's Paw (double-sized issue)
Kimara heads south while the Protectors search the wrecked station. They find an air car with a laser and the log book of Nathan Harris. Trying to make sense of recent events, the Protectors go to Harris House and show Amanda's ghost the log book. She seems comforted as she fades from view. News information reports that the creature is heading for the city of Fort George. The Protectors go to stop the menace. Using laser fire and mind blasts, they attack. But the creature is too big and too powerful. The Protectors take casualties and are forced to retreat. Fort George is leveled. Calling Firebolt for help, he arrives the next day. One last attack on Kimara is attempted. An odd trio saves the day. A helicopter arrives with Cascade and Blizzard inside. Cascade pours a huge amount of water on the beast and Blizzard freezes the damp smokey fur. The Protectors think their job is done but reports are coming in of Hulks loose on Baffin island. They split up into two groups to track down the Hulks. The Cyborg, Blast and Stunner make quick work of the first Hulk they spot. Firephase, Firebolt, Tsunami, and Sonar find another Hulk elsewhere and attack it. Sonar attacks with a battle frenzy. He and Tsunami are knocked unconscious. Firebolt runs to help Tsunami as Firephase holds off the Hulk with the laser. After the battle is over, they attend to Sonar. It is too late. He is dead. They rush Tsunami to the hospital and meet up with the other group. The other two Hulks are found and defeated. Tsunami was wounded severely. Blood loss was enormous. He discovers that while he is still tremendously strong by human standards, he has lost much of his super-human strength. The Protectors head back to New York and find the city anxious for their return. A ceremony in their honor is planned. The city also offers free use of three floors of office space. Thus begins the planning for Protectors HQ.

#13—Fault Line
The Protectors help the police investigate the possibility of a bomb in the city. With the help of Frankie the snitch, who fades in and out of consciousness, they follow his inconclusive leads. Firephase and Firebolt stop some punks and the Protectors face other everyday city crime. They also try to break up a fight between Living Laser and the Swordsman. Instead, they are attacked. After capturing them and placing them in police custody, the villains vanish with a flash of light. The Protectors are also made fools of at a gaming/comics convention when they almost attack a fan in a Mandarin costume. The Protectors end up stopping the Grim Reaper in an attempted emerald heist. They also are confronted by the Juggernaut in the park. The police attack while the Protectors try to stop a bomb from exploding. They find two bombs. The one on the roof is deactivated with mere seconds to spare. The second bomb is attached to the main supporting cable. With time running out, Tsunami heaves the bomb upwards through the window.

#14—To Change the Past
Firebolt sees the bomb and telekinetically raises it up as far as he can. It explodes harmlessly. Then the Protectors discover Mastermind stealing the gems. They chase him but are confronted by the police. Mastermind has created the illusion that they are villains. Then he sends illusions of the "Protectors" to fight them. The real Protectors defeat their illusions and capture Mastermind. Back at HQ, they decide to elect the Cyborg as chairman and elevate Stunner to full member status. Also, they accept a new trainee.

Major Darkstar—A military man with a military mind. He has the abillity to manipulate the mysterious darkforce.

During a Protectors' meeting, the lights go dim and they are greeted by Immortus, Ruler of Limbo. He says that two days from now a solar flare will trigger a meltdown of all nuclear reactors on Earth. The Protectors must go through five time nodes to prevent this. First, they try to stop a boy from reaching a cave but he absorbs their powers and fights them. They manage to complete node one. Next, they confront and defeat Drax the Destroyer and some aliens. As they are brought back to their headquarters, they see a vision of the next time node. It includes the Super-Skrull, the arch-enemy of the Fantastic Four. The Protectors must defeat him.

#15—Skrull and Crossbones
The Protectors are tricked by the Super-Skrull when he and three Skrulls impersonate the Fantastic Four. They are attacked unexpectedly and get more than they bargained for. Although the regular Skrulls were easily defeated, the Super-Skrull was not. He used his powers to take on the Protectors one at a time. After a long, grueling battle, the Protectors prevailed. They also fought the Grey Gargoyle in the next time node. The Protectors discover some distressing news from Immortus. The Immortus they have seen is really Kang the Conqueror who has used them to change the past. He sends them to the Omega Dimension to get the one thing that may undo the damage they have done—the chronatron. In the Eternal Fortress, the Protectors confront many odd defenses. At one point, Blast and Firephase go mad and attack their fellow Protectors. Blast beats Tsunami into unconsciousness.

#16—Return to Order
After fighting their way through ghosts, robots, and energy spiders, the Protectors find what they are looking for. Using the forcefield nullifier, they enter the room where the chronatron is kept. They think they've won but there is a humanoid guarding the chronatron. He is the champion of the Eternal Fortress! He summons and equal number of himself as the number of Protectors to fight one-on-one. The Protectors discover their powers don't work in this room. The Protectors start to fall one by one. It comes down to Blast and Stunner in a fight for their lives. As Stunner retreats, he is struck down. However, Blast finishes the rest. All survive except Stunner. They got to him too late; he was dead! The Protectors return and confront Kang the Conqueror. A battle ensues, one which will both challenge and drain the Protectors.

#17—Something Borrowed
Kang fights for his life with every means at his disposal. He summons help in the form of Dragon Man. After a grueling battle with Kang, his minions, and Dragon Man, the Protectors prevail. Kang and his timeship are sent back to their proper time thanks to the chronatron. The crisis is over. Immortus appears to tell the Protectors that they must return the chronatron. It is a very dangerous device. The Protectors return to the Omega Dimension and face the same dangers as before. The champion of the Eternal Fortress thanks them for returning the chronatron.

The Protectors receive a double-dose of shocking news when Major Darkstar takes a leave of absence and Cyborg announces that he's leaving to try to achieve a more human appearance. Firebolt is elected to be the new chairman and leader. Lightning Lord and Solamar are accepted as trainee members.

Lightning Lord—A powerful mutant with enhanced abilities and control over electricity.
Solamar—An endurance athlete who has been tranformed into a super-hero who thrives in the light.

Attacks on the Protectors start happening. First, Blast is bludgeoned into a coma at Protectors HQ. Then Tsunami is attacked outside his apartment. The big battle occurs when they fight the Wrecking Crew in an abandoned warehouse. But who is behind these attacks?

The Protectors receive a call to come and meet their opponent face to face. It is the Leader! They battle his forces of Rhino, Thunderball, and Beetle. This is the longest, most grueling battle they have ever fought. Firebolt is driven into the pier by the awesome power of the Rhino. The tide starts to turn when Beetle and Thunderball are knocked out and Blast is mentally attacking Rhino. But just as victory appears to be the Protectors, Rhino grabs Firebolt's head and says to stop the attack or he'll crush him. The Protectors need to think of something and quick.

#20—To Serve the Leader (double-sized issue)
The Protectors halt their attack on Rhino but Firebolt tells them to fight on. After Firebolt verbally taunts Rhino, Rhino angrily deals him a killing blow in retaliation. The now conscious Thunderball and Rhino finish off the rest of the Protectors with a little help from the Leader who appears in time to use his stun gun. The Protectors awaken in the Leader's orbiting space station. He promises to enhance their powers if they'll join him in conquering the world. When they refuse, the Leader says he will use his mind control devices on them. Lightning Lord manages to disable the electronic locks and the Protectors escape from their chambers. As Firephase tries to figure out the teleportation mechanisms, the rest of the Protectors are fighting off Devastator, the Leader's robot. They use the teleporters to escape and then destroy them. Tsunami discovers an after effect of the Leader's gamma ray treatment—his agility and quickness have mutated to greater levels. Even so, Tsunami announces that he is retiring. With Firebolt dead, a new chairman and leader needs to be elected. Firephase and Blast are both nominated but there is a tie in the voting. After further deliberation, Firephase is eventually chosen.

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