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Atlantis II aka "Whiteout Base" was a research base located in Antarctica. The site was run by Atlantis Enterprises. Atlantis Enterprises was believed to be linked to the Children of Neptune (CON), a group known to engage in criminal activities. All attempts by the Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research (SCAR) to contact Atlantis Enterprises were unsuccessful. Scientists detected radioactive steam emanating from the base. After contact with their aircraft was lost, SCAR decided to send an investigative team to Atlantis II.

The investigative team included agents "Dynamo," Pierre Piton, and "Klepto." Their mission was to uncover exactly what was going on at the base. After making their way into the base, the agents clumsily carried out their investigation. When they stumbled into an area they were not supposed to be, their typical cover was "We're looking for Joe." One encounter that did not go so well was a shootout between an agent and a member of the base. It was point-blank combat with only a snowmobile providing cover between them.

In the end, the agents were captured and the mission failed.