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The Southern Tier Baseball League was established in 1987 and ran for 14 seasons. The last season was played in 1998. The league was powered by Electronic Arts' Earl Weaver Baseball. When I first purchased the game, I was incredibly impressed with it. The amount of detail and customization that it offered was truly impressive. With the addition of the Commissioner's Disk add-on, it was unrivaled in its day. My friends and I formed a six team league and drafted players from the historical (1900-1975) all-time greats that came with the game. We decided that 162 game seasons would be too long, so we opted for 40 game seasons instead. That worked out well because we each had to assume the roles of owners, general managers, and managers. We managed every game instead of letting the computer simply simulate the results.

When Earl Weaver Baseball 1.5 was released, we anxiously moved our league to the new version. Unfortunately, we weren't too pleased with the new version. The statistical model had changed. It was too heavy on the long ball for our tastes. Also, base-stealing success was greatly diminished. We played the 1989 season with version 1.5 and then switched back to the original version.

Earl Weaver Baseball II came out in 1991. I bought the Commemorative Edition as soon as it was released. We preferred it to version 1.5 but it still didn't feel quite right. Eventually, the original author of the game, Eddie Dombrower, released an unofficial patch to the game and we settled on that version. All in all, it was the best version yet. As the STBL progressed, we expanded our player pool by drafting more modern players from the late 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. We ended up with a very nice mix of players from 20th century professional baseball.

Barton Bluejays
Beach Bombers
Day Hollow Hornets
Edwards Eagles
Hilton Hawks
Holmes Hammers

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