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The Origin of Lightning Lord

On March 10, 1966, in Hong Kong, James T. Dalton was born to British parents. His mother, Betty Dalton, died giving birth. His father, Thomas Dalton, being only 20 at the time and struggling to run his own electronics business, moved in with his brother Robert Dalton. One day when James was three years old, he grabbed some wires his father was fixing at home. Although the shock received wouldn't have killed a normal person, his son actually enjoyed the shock.

At the age of six, his father was killed in the Vietnam War. His uncle, trying to save to boy pain, moved to London, England, where the family was from. During the trip, there was an electrical failure on the plane. James was terrified when the lights went out. Two minutes later, the lights came on; no one could explain how or why they worked.

After some time, James discovered he could manipulate and control the flow of electricity. In school, he did well but got into trouble when he would shut lights off, set off alarms, etc.

When he graduated at 18, he could manupulate electricity fairly well. He got a job in a bank. One day during a robbery, he was taken hostage. As he panicked and tried to escape, his captor inexplicably dropped. After the police cleaned everything up, he experimented and found that he could channel energy into other people.

At 19, he started going to an electronics technical school outside London. James did quite well. One day, he was playing soccer as the team's goalie. As he went to catch the ball, it just exploded in mid-air before ever reaching him. Curious about this event, he experimented some more. He discovered that he was able to shoot out bolts of energy well beyond mere touch.

Meanwhile, people at the school began to fear and hate him. A year later, things were so bad that he wanted a fresh start. He decided that he would go to America and try to study with the X-Men. They turned him down, saying they didn't need anyone at the time. Depressed and out of money, he heard about another option. There was a group in New York City, The Protectors, that he chose to seek out.