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Hudson City Blues was our debut story. It took place in Hudson City during the hottest summer on record. Optik and The Machine hatched an ambitious blackmail scheme. Later, the crimelord Retro saw an opportunity and got involved. As Hudson City was boiling with trouble, a trio of vigilantes assembled and dubbed themselves Trinity. They would be Hudson City's greatest hope.

Part I: The Ties That Bind

Part I, Episode 1: Optik At Work
Dark Fury, Angel of Justice, and the Ghost encountered minor criminals on their individual patrols. However, their paths finally crossed when they were drawn to a deadly gang skirmish between the 66 Blades and the Overlords. With many innocent bystanders nearby, the situation was delicate. They all contributed to defuse the situation. The new Trinity then followed leads regarding Retro, someone in the Carillo-Mendoza drug cartel. They engaged in a brief fire-fight with Retro and his thugs but Retro managed to escape.

Part I, Episode 2: Optik's Invitations
Trinity heard of a mysterious figure known as Optik. Optik was blackmailing criminals and passing information about them to the heroes. Although it was distasteful to work with a blackmailer, Trinity could not pass up the chance to put any criminals behind bars. They followed up on several of these leads: Nooky Smith's Porn Film Emporium, Louie's Numbers Parlor, the Chop Shop Gang, and a sleazy con named Mr. Jones. Trinity learned that they weren't the only ones to get information from Optik. Retro arranged a public meeting with the heroes to determine their relationship with Optik. After the meeting, Trinity had to deal with a burning building and a disturbed pyromaniac called Ashtry Art.

Part I, Episode 3: Race Against Time
The Ghost experienced an odd encounter with Tenderheart, a costumed criminal who had become smitten with him. Although interesting, the big news was when Optik contacted Trinity asking for their help. Trinity rushed to his aid but arrived too late. Clearly a gun battle had taken place at his residence. Optik was found dead in his wheelchair with his head blown off by a shotgun blast. Trinity was able to retrieve a final message from Grimes aka Optik. They learned about The Machine, a distributed computing system created by Optik that was capable of widespread surveillance.

Part II: The Takeover

Part II, Episode 1: The First Shots
Gang activity was running very hot. The Overlords attempted an ambush on Tommy Brooks, leader of the 66 Blades. Trinity heard that Harbinger was driven off by gang leaders at a meeting with Retro. Gang activity was causing terror in Chinatown. Rivals to the Carillo-Mendoza drug cartel were eliminated or driven away. Trinity received an invitation from the renowned vigilante Crusade with a promise to teach them a lesson about how to treat criminals. Crusade collected three gang leaders and took them to the Hudson City Zoo. Trinity arrived at the zoo and found the gang leaders bound and gagged. Crusade was interrogating them about Retro and threatened to throw them into the bear pen. After some discussion with Trinity, Crusade makes his exit before the police arrive.

Part II, Episode 2: Innocent Blood
Next, Retro tried to strong-arm the Card Shark organization into his scheme. The heroes made their way to the Pairadice Club, front for a Card Shark gambling operation. After a Retro-directed firefight, Trinity actually met with Card Shark, himself. He asked for Trinity's help. His reasoning was that they both had a common enemy and no good would come from having one man in complete control of the underworld. Unfortunately, Retro knew about their meeting and arranged another ambush. Trinity survives the fierce attack. However, the public was up in arms over all of the recent violence. They demand the police take back control of the city from the underworld and vigilantes alike.

Part II, Episode 3: The Mob
While the heroes tried to keep a low profile, events continued to unfold. Robert Morelli, a reputed crime boss was slain. Crusade was on the run from the police. Retro's organization continued to grow by absorbing other crime organizations. Trinity once again got in the middle of a vicious Mob hit against Card Shark. This latest attack even featured LAW rockets. With the city in the middle of a drought and facing record high temperatures, Ashtray Art decided to strike again. Instead of a single building, there were a series of fires in the area. Trinity assisted in keeping order, helping those in need, and stopping looters.

Part III: The Crime Boss

Part III, Episode 1: Retro Cleans House
Trinity was turning out to be a thorn in Retro's side. Retro tried to play them off against a rival criminal group. The heroes learned of an impending weapons purchase by the WITCH gang and its leader Hail Mary. The supplier was the famous criminal arms dealer, the Hanged Man. Trinity intervened to stop the deal. Days later, Dark Fury, Angel of Justice, and the Ghost each received a personalized letter from Retro. Their worst fears were realized. Retro had discovered their secret identities and demanded that they give up their secret vigilante night lives. When Trinity refuses to comply with his ultimatum, Retro stages a series of traps to show them who is in charge.

Part III, Episode 2: WAR!
Unable to extort or frighten the heroes into submission, Retro then declared war on all vigilantes in Hudson City. He sent out Mafia soldiers, Card Shark operatives, and other troops to hunt them down. After dealing with these threats, Trinity decided to turn the tables on Retro. They travelled to his multi-million dollar estate to end this conflict for good. The estate grounds were well-protected. Trinity fought their way through gangs, attack dogs, and electronic defenses. Once inside the house, they battled Mafia soldiers and Hell Razor, Retro's personal bodyguard. Hell Razor was a combat expert with enhanced abilities beyond anything Trinity had ever encountered. Combat with Hell Razor proved extremely difficult. The heroes were facing possible defeat. However, Crusade arrived on the scene and turned the tide to help Trinity prevail.

Part III, Episode 3: Aftermath
Trinity examined the house and found a media room with many cabinets full of valuable data. Here was were Retro stored incriminating evidence that was gathered by The Machine. Unfortunately, the room was rigged to explode. The heroes were unable to salvage much useful information before the explosion destroyed the contents of the room. However, they took some comfort in the fact that Retro's data store was gone and could never again be used for nefarious purposes. With Retro's grip on the underworld broken, things returned to normal within a few weeks. Other criminal organizations resumed their activities without fear of reprisal from Retro. Trinity had stopped a crime boss from assuming almost complete control of all criminal activity in Hudson City but there was still much work to be done.