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My experience with role-playing games dates back to 1980. A friend introduced me to the Dungeons and Dragons Boxed Set. I was instantly hooked. Shortly thereafter, I invested in the hardcover rule books for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and never looked back.

Most of my role-playing through the years was with the OARPC (Owego-Apalachin Role-Playing Club), which was better known as simply "The Club." My friends and I formed The Club in 1982 to play AD&D. Everyone had a blast and we ended up playing many campaigns using a number of different game systems through the years. Membership varied over time and probably peaked around 10 people. With only one exception, I was the gamemaster for every campaign during The Club's history.

Explore the links to some of the game systems we played. Take a trip into the past and revisit a sampling of our most famous (or at least memorable) campaigns.