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The Early Years

It started with five men. They were from different backgrounds but all had the desire to pursue careers in interstellar commerce. There was Tor Gillespe, a jack of all trades who eventually grew into the role of group spokesman. Alongside Tor was Rocco Pinelli, a dreamer with big ideas. There was Cly Ward, a young man with quite an apptitude for business and finance. Also joining the group was Rick Duel, a fiesty pilot always looking for some trouble. Rounding out the five was the unpopular Steve Beck, a talented engineer with a habit of staging practical jokes. They purchased a ship, the Last Chance, and became part owners in a business of interstellar trade.

Down the road, others were hired to flesh out the crew of the Last Chance. Joe Renser came aboard to add a little muscle. Business was steady but not exactly booming. The Last Chance was willing to run just about any type of cargo between systems as long as it was legal. They all dreamed of upgrading their ship and striking it rich.

The Marauders are Formed

Joe Renser was gone and Jack Logan had come aboard. The group's finances were improving and they were ready to upgrade their ship. They went to a used starship dealer and took out a Mission Class transport for a test flight. Then, Rick Duel made a decision that would forever change all of their lives. He assassinated the starship dealer with a short-range phaser blast. Declaring the ship as theirs, Duel and Steve Beck made one more unsavory move to cover their escape. They sent the Last Chance into a death spiral, diving toward the planet's surface. The group knew they would have to operate as fugitives from here on out. They named their new vessel the Marauder and gave their group a name—The Marauders! They all agreed that there was only one place where they could do business now. A course was set for the area of space between the Federation, Klingon Empire, and Romulan Confederation. They were headed for the Triangle.

The Demise of the Marauders

More personnel changes occured before the Marauders ever reached the Triangle. Steve Beck was hit by a high-energy weapons blast in a shootout. He committed suicide while lying in a hospital bed. His replacement was Axel Anderson, an engineer who was tolerated at times but mainly despised by the rest of the crew. After a falling out, the crew began the hunt for Axel Anderson. They vowed to kill him. They finally gunned him down in a back alley near a spaceport. A final hiring period brought others aboard the Marauder, including Alex Chadwich and Greg Nelson. The Marauders finally made it to the Triangle but that is where it all unravelled. They and their ship were captured by a powerful pirate. They were freed but the group turned despondent without a ship to their name. While drowning their sorrows in a bar, a fight broke out. They fought other patrons and eventually turned on each other. The Marauders were no more.

Marauders crew:
Steve Beck, original owner
Rick Duel, original owner
Tor Gillespe, original owner
Rocco Pinelli, original owner
Cly Ward, original owner
Axel Anderson
Alex Chadwich
Jack Logan
Gregory Nelson
Joe Renser
Zak Rinspeed

Last Chance