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After playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons for some time, The Club was ready to try something new. The next game I introduced was Top Secret, TSR's espionage RPG. Everyone was quite excited to play it. However, my players soon learned that the world of espionage and investigation was quite a bit more difficult than hack-and-slash fantasy role-playing. Although the missions inevitably ended in failure, we always had a blast playing the Top Secret adventures.

In 1987, TSR introduced Top Secret/S.I., a completely revamped version of the original game. S.I. stood for Special Intelligence. The game system was completely overhauled. This time, the focus was on fast-paced, movie-style action. I bought the game and we played a few adventures with it. Once again, the missions went anything but smoothly. We had some fun with it but none of our experiences were quite as memorable as the first time around with the original Top Secret.