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Just before Protectors #20, I decided to write a little teaser for my gaming club to whet the players' appetites for the next gaming session. From that was born the Hype Box. These blurbs were written in the style of the Hype Boxes that appeared near the back of Marvel comic books.
#20—The biggest event in Protectors' history comes to its shocking conclusion in the final part of the three part "To Lead No More, To Lead Again" saga. Let's just say the Protectors will never be the same again after issue #20, " To Serve the Leader…" Nuff said!

Annual 1—The Protectors are back in high school to fight … the OFA teachers? Be here for the first Protectors Annual, "Class Reunion." You'll be glad you did.

#21—Halloween comes early this year for the Protectors. Be here for "Night of the Living Dead."

#22—Internal conflict plus the debut of the Deathmasters! "Life or Death." Don't miss it.

#23—The Cyborg returns. Major Darkstar and Knight Warrior settle their differences. Protectors will live and Protectors will die! All this and more in Protectors #23, our double-sized FINAL ISSUE!! It is the must read story of the year entitled "All Good Things Must Come to an End."

#24—The Protectors back again? Yes, they're back, but for what reason? And who will join or rejoin? See the new Protectors and their all new lineup. All this and plenty of surprises in Protectors #24.

#25—Mr. Hyde on a rampage. Nuff said!

#26—One of the ex-Protectors goes looking for vengeance against his former teammates? Two ex-Protectors face severe disabilities? All this and the Taskmaster too? Yep, and it's in Protectors #26. Sure to be a classic.

#27—The story concludes with the Protectors facing off against the Master of Alchemy himself, Diablo!

#28—It's magic, mayhem, and new members as the Protectors face a "Demon Rift."

#29—Don't miss it as the Protectors tangle with the Maggia and get "Taken to the Cleaners."

#30—The exciting conclusion with an all-star lineup of villains, including some old "friends." It's a rock'em sock'em brawl in the next issue of the Protectors!

#31—Someone's out to kill the Protectors as they take a trip to "Murderworld."

#32—Who's out to kidnap the Faun and why? Find out in Protectors #32.

#33—Time travel, Nazis, and plenty of guest stars as the Protectors undertake their greatest adventure yet in "All This and World War II."

#34—Be here as the Protectors try to save history from Nazi domination. Co-starring the Invaders!

#35—Follow the Protectors into "The Weird, Weird West" as the Time Warp series continues.

#36—The timestream is in a mess and guess whose job it is to set it straight?

#37—The "Time Warp" series shifts into high gear as the Protectors discover a sinister villain is involved.

#38—The Protectors in a time-shattering confrontation with Kang the Conqueror. Guest-starring Spider-Man, Daredevil, and the Uncanny X-Men.

#39—The incredible conclusion of the "Time Warp" series as the Protectors face "The Revenge of Kang."

#40—The Deathmasters are back, along with an enemy from the past! All in Protectors #40.

#41—Blast says goodbye and the Protectors say hello to a new hero … Ultra-Sound!

#42—The incredible "Gang Wars" begin! The Protectors find new friends and face new foes in Protectors #42, "After Midnight."

#43—Gang Wars Part 2. Morlocks, Marauders, and Mister Fear plus the Protectors go to jail? All in "Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself."

#44—The Protectors go to Chinatown for some "Night Moves" in part 3 of the "Gang Wars" saga.

#45—The "Gang Wars" heat up as the Protectors face the Silver Samurai and learn the identity of the mysterious "Boss." Also, guest-starring the Mighty Avengers!

#46—The Protectors face part 5 of the "Gang Wars" and get to experience the "Night Life."

#47—Fixer, Mentallo, Fu Manchu, and the conclusion to the incredible "Gang Wars" saga. All in Protectors #47

#48—The build-up to issue #50 begins here! It's part 1 of 3 as the Protectors' arch-nemesis is back in "Star Wars: The Leader Strikes Back."

#49—Blast and Firephase return as global tensions escalate. The Protectors race to save the day as the world is "On the Brink of Disaster."

#50—This is it! Fifty issues in the making. It's the double-sized dramatic conclusion to an era of Protectors’ history. Filled with surprises galore, the Protectors and the entire world face "An Uncertain Future." Miss this one at your own risk!