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The Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues

This was probably the most famous and lauded of all Paranoia adventures. It was written by John M. Ford, winner of the 1984 World Fantasy Award.

The adventure centered around a highly coveted mysterious black box. Lots of confused and desperate people were killing each other over the chance to possess and exploit the box. As implied by the title, Troubleshooters were YELLOW clearance in this adventure, not the lowly RED clearance of a brand new Troubleshooter. Although far from the top of the pecking order, my players enjoyed the rare opportunity to torment those with lesser clearance.

Texun-Y-AHU-3 (Housing Preservation and Development & Mind Control)
Bud-Y-ZER-2 (Production, Logistics, and Commissary)
Welsh-Y-BTT-3 (Central Processing Unit)
Miles-Y-DER-2 (Technical Services)
Don-Y-BRK-3 (Power Services)
Epic-Y-CLE-3 (Internal Security)