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One of our enjoyable Forgotten Realms campaigns started out in Eveningstar, a beautiful little farming village on the northern border of the kingdom of Cormyr. Our party of adventurers explored the mysteries of the Haunted Halls. The Halls were an old dungeon built into the interior of nearby Starwater Gorge. They fought an owl bear, a giant spider, skeletons, a mummy, a stirge, and numerous kobolds. They also encountered several dangerous tricks and traps along the way.

After exploring the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar, the party traveled to Ravens Bluff, the Living City. Located just off the coast of the Dragon Reach on the Sea of Fallen Stars, the Living City offered the promise of adventure. The adventurers were recruited by the City Guard to help patrol Ravens Bluff. They had some interesting encounters in the market and warehouse areas. They met a vampire hunter in the area known as Crow's Foot and met some rough characters in Ol'Town (aka Fishtown). By the wharfs, they even stopped a ship from burning.

The party eventually left the Living City and had a few more adventures. They faced bugbears and a great deal of undead. As with all of our D&D campaigns, the party eventually met its demise to bring things to an end. Overall, it was considered a success thanks to some fine adventures and memorable characters. Probably the most memorable of all was Ulath, a half-elf cleric/magic-user. He was the cocky, overconfident leader of the group who was famous for yelling "face the wrath of Ulath!" as he charged into battle.

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