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The USS Cooper is a 121,300 metric ton Baker Class destroyer operating in Star Fleet Military Operations Command. Operating out of Star Base 23, the Cooper had just completed a strenuous patrol. Despite this fact, the ship was ordered to travel to Arcanis, a Federation base near the Klingon Neutral Zone, where an important scientist awaited transport to Axanar. En route to Arcanis, the Cooper received a transmission from Star Fleet Command. They learned the disturbing news that the Organians were no longer enforcing the Federation/Klingon Peace Treaty.

Upon arrival at Arcanis, a scientist told the crew that he believed there was a Klingon base located on Axanar. The Cooper set course for Axanar, which was several months away at normal warp cruising speed. Complicating matters was an obnoxious Tellerite in command of Star Base 14, which has jurisdiction over this area of space. The crew spent several arduous days in the harsh climate of Axanar. They found a private hideaway containing a Klingon teaching machine and documents detailing genetic processes for creating Klingon hybrids.

While the landing party continued their investigation, the Cooper responded to a distress call from a nearby freighter under attack by a Klingon vessel. Arriving at the coordinates, they found no signs of either ship. Shortly thereafter, they detected another distress signal coming from the Axanar Culture Mission. The Cooper returned to Axanar and picked up a Klingon vessel on long-range sensors.

On Axanar, the Culture Mission staff was dead and the Cooper's landing party was missing. When Star Base 14 was alerted, Base Commandant Gouthar refused to believe the report. He ordered the Cooper return to port "as soon as the entire crew is back aboard ship and sober." Nevertheless, the USS Cooper decided to pursue the Klingon vessel as it headed for the Klingon border.

Star Fleet vessels were dispatched to pursue the Cooper and arrest its commander pending court-martial. The chase continued for several months until all ships involved reached the edge of Federation space, where a powerful Klingon task force awaited. The Klingons expected to ambush and destroy the Cooper. However, they were not expecting the arrival of the other Federation ships. The chase ended in a large multi-ship battle of two large forces.

The Cooper survived the battle and its commander was forced to stand trial. The prosecutor was Gouthar, a Tellerite with an axe to grind against the Cooper's commander. Fortunately, Commodore Niccomachi, Star Base 23 Base Commandant, shows up just in time to clear the commander of all charges.

USS Cooper crew:
Captain William P. Masefield, Captain (NPC)
Commander Arnold C. "Bucky" Buchwalter, First Officer (NPC)
Lt. Commander Amletto Davenon, Chief Engineer
Lt. Daniel O'Connor, Chief Navigator
Lt. Sam West, Chief Helmsman
Lt. Roger Nelson, Chief Communications/Damage Control Officer
Lt. Sevill F. Marquart, Chief Science Officer (NPC)
Lt. Harry Ling Chu, Chief Medical Officer (NPC)
Lt. John Howl, Security Chief