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Real name: Gary Anderson
Occupation: President of Anderson Electronics, adventurer
Identity: Publicly known
Legal status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record
Other aliases: None
Place of birth: New York City
Marital status: Single
Known relatives: None
Group affiliation: Founding member and current leader of the Protectors
Base of operations: New York City
First appearance and origin: Protectors #1
History: Gary Anderson is a man with an entrepreneurial spirit. He created Anderson Electronics and enlisted Phil Harmor as its Executive Vice President. Together, they turned the company into a successful and growing business. Just when he was happier than he had ever been in his life, tragedy struck. He was in a serious auto accident that almost took his life. Much of his body was scorched and he faced the prospect of living the rest of his life as an invalid. At the time, Anderson Corporation was engaged in cybernetics research. Gary underwent a treatment which replaced his damaged left arm, left leg, and much of his upper chest. The technology performed beyond all expectations.

Gary Anderson intended to return to a normal life after the operation. Mere months after the last procedure, however, a mysterious alien appeared to him. The alien offered him superhuman powers in return for a promise to uphold justice and a strict code of ethics. Anderson agreed and the Cyborg was born.

A year later, he met a super-hero who called himself Blast. They mutually decided to create a team of super-heroes. After recruiting Dr. Darkforce, Firephase, and Tsunami, the Protectors were formed. The team fought crime and evil whenever possible. Before too long, it was decided that a leader was needed. Cyborg was elected as the first chairman of the Protectors. He held the position only briefly and then announced he was leaving the group. Cyborg wanted to achieve a more human appearance and required time for more surgical procedures. After retiring from the Protectors, the powers bestowed upon him by the alien vanished. He was no longer able to transform his body into light or control the air around him.

Months later, Gary Anderson dropped by Protectors Headquarters for a social visit. He was appalled at the state of his old team. Knight Warrior and Major Darkstar were feuding. Lightning Lord and Firephase were at each others' throats. The group he founded was being torn apart by internal conflict. He spoke privately with Blast, who agreed that changes were needed. Blast proposed that Gary Anderson should return to lead the Protectors once again. Although no longer a super-hero, he could handle administrative, public relations, and other similar duties. Firephase was overwhelmed with the responsibility of leadership and assented to the proposal.

Cyborg's first action to restore order was to remove Lightning Lord from the team. Lightning Lord went berserk after the decision. He attacked Firephase at his apartment. Even worse, Lightning Lord went to Gary Thompson's hospital room and threw him out the window like a human javelin. Blast and Densitron caught up to Lightning Lord in the street. Blast pummeled Lightning Lord to death with his billy club. The Protectors positive public image was shattered. Citizens picketed their headquarters. The city government cut off all funding and revoked their headquarters and van. Anderson was forced to disband the Protectors.

Gary Anderson enjoyed running his electronics company again. It was much more relaxing than running the Protectors. Although primarily focused on the business, he found time to improve the energy circuits that powered his cybernetics. Six months after the Protectors were disbanded, Major Darkstar contacted Anderson. The Major noticed an alarming number of individuals who were acting strangely, as if they were drugged. Anderson had noticed the same thing. As the problem spread throughout the city, action was needed. They contacted the other ex-Protectors to discuss the threat to the city. They agreed to work together on a one-time basis to investigate the problem. Eventually, their investigation led them to encounter and defeat Diablo, the mastermind behind the scheme. During this crisis, the ex-Protectors faced a crisis of their own. Force Mover, the super-hero formerly known as Solamar, blinded Dragonfly, Blast, Firephase, and many civilians.

Despite all of the adversity, the Protectors agreed to reunite again. They were back with a roster of members both old and new. In its second incarnation, the Protectors proved their worth by stopping various super-villains. Perhaps their toughest opponent was once again the Leader. They thwarted his plan to dominate Earth with weapons from space. Afterwards, Major Darkstar left the group to form his own team, Retribution. Several members went with him. The Protectors were left with the original members: Blast, Cyborg, Dr. Darkforce, Firephase, and Tsunami.
Height: 6'
Weight: 220
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Strength Level: The Cyborg possesses the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engages in intensive exercise.
Known superhuman powers: Major sections of Cyborg's skeletal system have been replaced. Metal alloys have superseded bone. Also, cybernetics have been installed to complement and replace parts of his body that were damaged in the auto accident years ago. His strength is near the upper limit of human capabilities but just shy of superhuman. His cyborg body, a fusion of flesh and technology, is very resistant to damage and regenerates itself at an accelerated rate. He is able to discharge energy from his power cells at will through touch. At full power, Cyborg's energy touch will seriously injure and possibly kill a normal human.

At one time, Cyborg was able to control the air. He could dampen or increase the velocity of wind and control the air currents. He also had the ability to transform his entire body into light. Both of these abilities were granted by the alien who appeared to him years ago. After he retired as a super-hero for the first time, these powers vanished and never returned.
Abilities: Gary Anderson is an avid history buff. He has a deep knowledge of American and European history.

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