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You got your D&D in my Paranoia! This Paranoia adventure had a dungeon, wizards, lizardmen, and other fantasy elements. Even the cover was reminiscent of an old D&D module from TSR. Members of our gaming group were fans of both games. Surprisingly, this was not one of our favorite Paranoia adventures.

From the back cover:
Where ya gonna crawl?

With a blinding flash of light, the strangers appeared as if from nowhere in Alpha Complex DND Sector.

Sinister black robes. Pointy caps. Treasonous moons and stars all over the place.

A wave of the hand. ** Poof ** Innocent Citizens explode or become assorted barnyard animals. DND Sector laid to ruin.

Can your small band of hardy PLC supply clerks capture the deadly Commie mutant traitors and Randy, their drooling, green, scaly cohort?

Sure. Why not? I mean, if a pair of scruffy hobbits can dump a ring in the Crack of Doom in definance of the most awesome heavies in Middle Earth, then this should be a snap.

Orcbusters—Wizard Whacking in the Service of The Computer.

Frowd-O-THF-3 (alias “Lefty-The-Dip”)
Bubba-R-IAN-3 (“Bubbles”)
Sonja-R-FTR-2 (“Red”)
Jahl-Y-ELF-3 (“Giggles”)
Grump-Y-DWF-3 (“Shorty”)
Merle-Y-NNN-3 (“Psycho”)