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Boot Hill was a wild west role-playing game by TSR. It originally came out in 1975 and was followed by a 2nd edition in 1979. I was interested in buying the game and running a Boot Hill campaign but never got around to it. That was until TSR released a 3rd edition of the game in 1990. I purchased the 3rd edition and introduced it to my gaming club.

Boot Hill was designed to simulate the western experience that we were all familiar with from movies and television. The focus was on action: gunfights, fist fights, cattle rustling, range wars, etc. Three players participated in that original Boot Hill campaign. Their characters were Jake Wilson, Josh Trevor (aka The Man Who Would Not Bathe), and Stephen "Psycho" McCoy. We enjoyed the game but quickly discovered how lethal wild west gunfights can be. McCoy suffered a mortal wound to his right shoulder in a gunfight and perished. He was replaced by Bob Phillips.

The story involved Shadowy Dave Struthers and his gang of outlaws. Shadowy Dave intended to rob the local bank using a a stable fire as a distraction. Wilson, Trevor, and McCoy attempted to foil the robbery. Eventually, the trio tracked the outlaws to their hideout and squared off in an exchange of bullets. That is where Stephen McCoy met his demise.

Character roster:
Stephen McCoy
Bob Phillips
Josh Trevor
Jake Wilson