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Our original Star Trek RPG campaign was set aboard one of Star Fleet's flagships—the USS Lexington, a 190,000 metric ton Constitution-Class heavy cruiser. Just as its sister ship, the Enterprise, the Lexington was assigned to Galaxy Exploration Command.

The Lexington had many adventures. However, one of its most famous missions was when it traveled to Janus VI. That was the location where the Enterprise had previously encountered the Horta. There, at the mining facility, they encountered a young miner accused of murder and genocide. The crew investigated the murder and was able to clear the name of the accused. The real criminal was discovered to be another miner who was actually an industrial spy. They even discovered another Horta in the tunnels that was willing to look after the thousands of eggs left behind by the slain Horta.

Over time, there was some turnover among the command crew of the Lexington due to casualties and personnel transfers.

USS Lexington crew:
Captain Andrew Reynolds, Captain (NPC)
Captain Joe Kelson, Captain (NPC)
Commander John Lindell, First Officer (NPC)
Lt. Commander Harold Rhineholt, Chief Engineer
Lt. Commander Klaus Largo, Chief Engineer
Lt. Commander Rick Corwin, Chief Engineer
Lt. Commander Sarlok, Chief Science Officer
Lt. Commander Rafael Lopez, Chief Science Officer
Lt. Commander Landon Desquire, Chief Science Officer (NPC)
Lt. Commander Jerry Simon, Chief Medical Officer
Lt. Rogand, Chief Navigator (NPC)
Lt. Vladmir, Chief Navigator
Lt. Victor West, Chief Helmsman
Lt. Tora Yokaido, Chief Helmsman
Lt. Steven Northrop, Chief Helmsman
Lt. Patrick O'Malley, Chief Communications Officer (NPC)
Lt. Dick Johnes, Security Chief