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Real name: Drew Simons
Occupation: Geologist, triathlete, adventurer
Identity: Secret
Legal status: Citizen of the United States with a criminal record
Former aliases: Solamar
Place of birth: New York City
Place of death: A courtroom in New York City
Marital status: Single
Known relatives: None
Group affiliation: Former member of the Protectors
Base of operations: New York City
First appearance and origin: Protectors #18 (as Solamar), Protectors #24 (as Force Mover)
Final appearance: Protectors #26
History: Drew Simons was the consummate California golden boy. He loved the sun, the sand, and the surf. He spent many afternoons on his longboard catching wave after wave. Simons was a very good all-around athlete. His specialty was the triathlon where he had several top twenty finishes in major competitions. He competed regularly through his college years as he pursued a degree in geology.

After graduation, he decided to spend the summer training intensely. He figured that he had the rest of his life to focus on his career. He traveled to New Mexico for a change of scenery to do some high-altitude training. He cycled and ran, improving his already impressive fitness. One day, he pushed himself to the limit as he ran through the mountains that were sacred lands of the ancient Indians. Simons collapsed, overcome by heat, fatigue, and dehydration. The fierce summer sun beat down on him as he baked in the earth and clay. After quite some time, Simons was awakened by an intense storm. Harsh winds blew and a torrential rain left him lying in a muddy pool. Despite the rain's cooling relief, his body was covered with second-degree burns and his skin felt aflame. He could barely move. Suddenly, the storm passed almost as abruptly as it had arrived. As the clouds cleared, Simons dreaded the reemergence of the sun. But something incredible happened. He felt stronger and stronger. The sun's rays were like healing waves that washed over him. Within mere minutes, his burns were gone. He felt completely refreshed.

Simons felt connected to nature in a way that he had never known before. He discovered that he could actually manipulate the environment around him. The light, the earth, and even the wind was under his command. He returned to his daily life, all the while experimenting with his powers. Several months after graduation, he accepted a position to work in New York City. He decided to work for a company that studied and prepared for natural disasters. Despite his immense powers, he chose not to use them. He enjoyed his career and wanted to live a normal life. Several years later, the Protectors were established in New York City and he began to see things differently.

After the Protectors had saved the city, Drew Simons saw first-hand the good that super-heroes could do, He felt his destiny was clear. He became Solarmar, New York's newest super-hero, and sought membership in the Protectors. He joined the super-group during a time of transition. Cyborg and Major Darkstar were no longer there and Firebolt was newly in charge. Solamar and Lightning Lord bolstered the team with fresh blood.

Solamar faced the Leader and the Deathmasters before the Protectors disbanded. He renamed himself the Force Mover and continued to work as a solo super-hero. Force Mover crossed paths with ex-members of the Protectors during the crisis brought about by Diablo. Something at this time drove him mad. Perhaps it was Diablo's foul potions that were inflicted upon the unwitting populace. No one is quite sure. However, Force Mover became paranoid, obsessive, and even cruel.

Several ex-Protectors were hospitalized after a battle with Mr. Hyde. The Force Mover was not involved in the battle. He went to the hospital and got into an argument with Blast. As the argument turned heated, Force Mover blinded Blast and Firephase with extremely high intensity light. When Dragonfly stumbled from the adjoining room to help, he was blinded as well. Force Mover was captured by the authorities and restrained in a dark room. As they attempted to move him to a different location, Force Mover unleashed blinding light on the policemen and escaped. The Force Mover was completely beyond any reason at that point. He ran into the street and blinded anyone that crossed his path. Blast, though blind and wounded, used his mental powers to stop Force Mover. Once again, Force Mover was captured and brought into custody. His secret identity exposed, Drew Simons was put on trial for his crimes. As the sentence of life imprisonment was read, Simons mocked his victims in the courtroom. Blast was unable to control his rage. He silently delivered a series of mental blasts that killed Drew Simons.
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Strength Level: The Force Mover possessed near-superhuman strength which enabled him to lift (press) approximately 600 pounds.
Known superhuman powers: Force Mover was able to generate light and manipulate existing light energy. The limits of his power were never measured. However, he was able to blanket several city blocks of New York City with light so intense that thousands of people were blinded. For most, the blindness was temporary. However, there were many cases of permanent eye damage as a result of Force Mover's attack. Force Mover drew strength from the sun. When exposed to natural sunlight, he healed at a rapidly accelerated rate. He could regenerate from death's door to complete health in under 20 minutes if bathed in the rays of the sun.

Force Mover commanded power over some elements of nature. He was able to manipulate aspects of the weather and once summoned gale force winds. He also had the ability to move the earth itself. Force Mover moved several tons of dirt, rock, and stone on several occasions with his awesome powers.
Limitations: The Force Mover relied on light to charge his powers. None of his powers functioned in complete darkness. In fact, once exposed to darkness, he needed sufficient exposure to sunlight before his powers would function again.
Abilities: Drew Simons was a professional geologist and was versed in environmental impact analysis and natural disaster preparedness. He was a competitive triathlete who enjoyed any number of sports. He also enjoyed target shooting as hobby.

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