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As much as we loved the Marvel Universe, many of us had an itch to play in the DC Universe. With Crisis on Infinite Earths, John Byrne's new Superman comic, and the 1989 Batman movie, DC Comics' popularity was soaring again in the late 1980s. I bought the DC Heroes RPG and we were all quite impressed with the game system. Our first foray into the world of DC was with the team known as Force-5.

Force-5 was a group working secretly for the U.S. government. Their first mission involved a Middle-Eastern terrorist group known as "Children of the Way." The team was sent to rescue U.S. government employees that were held hostage. Later, there was an attempted terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol building. The ultimate showdown was between Force-5 and Kisan Ra'Farish, the super-powered terrorist leader. The series lasted for only a single adventure and was not exactly a rousing success. Nevertheless, we had fun and the experience left us wanting to return to the DC Universe for more gaming in the future.

Force-5 roster: