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On Halloween 1986, we started what was perhaps the most memorable Dungeons & Dragons campaign in our gaming club's history. We played this particular campaign from 10/31/86 to 1/30/87 over 17 gaming sessions. It was our senior year of high school and our interest in D&D was extremely high. The adventure itself was great but some of the gaming moments were absolute classics that live on in our memories to this day.

I previously ran adventure T1 The Village of Hommlet as a Dungeon Master. The sequels T2, T3, and T4 were never published as individual modules. However, in 1985, TSR released T1-4 The Temple of Elemental Evil. It was a large compilation module billed as "...the Ultimate Campaign Adventure." Set in the World of Greyhawk, the story revolved around a plot by temple agents to free Zuggtmoy, the Demoness Lady of Fungi. As was typical of the deadly nature of our D&D campaigns, we never completely finished T1-4. The group got as far as the third section of the adventure, Dungeons of Elemental Evil. It was there that the party met its demise.

Two characters emerged as early party leaders: Koron the dwarven warrior and Sednor the Holy, cleric of Heironeous. There were, of course, others. During the adventure, numerous characters perished. Some of the most notable members to join in the party's quest were Arkile the Archer, the fighter Torak ("weenie"), Landric the ranger, and Celthian Linfield, an elven Thief/Fighter.

Things began after the party rode from the Wild Coast to the Village of Hommlet. There, they chatted with the local villagers and learned of a ruined moathouse nearby. Unbeknownst to them at the time was that the moathouse once served as the outpost for the Temple of Elemental Evil. The party investigated the ruins and found its way to the dungeon below. They cleared out the evil within and then proceeded to travel to the village of Nulb. Nestled in the hills near Nulb was the Temple. Years ago, there was a great battle where the upper portion of the Temple was destroyed. Since then, the Temple remained deserted and was shunned by the villagers. The lure of adventure drew the party to investigate the Temple ruins.

The search of the Ruins of Elemental Evil revealed extensive dungeons below. The party discovered that those dungeons were quite busy, alive with followers of the Cult of Zuggtmoy. One memorable encounter in the dungeons involved an evil altar. A member of the group at the time was Gregory of Ahmsford, a cavalier loyal to Heironeous. Gregory eagerly followed Sednor the Holy in his effort to defile the evil altar. The altar came to life; Sednor survived but Gregory was quickly crushed.

Much of the combat in the dungeons involved gnolls and bugbears. While the rest of the party was resting back in the village, Koron ventured down into the dungeons on his own. An evil priest captured Koron and presented to him the price for his freedom. He told Koron to drink the blood of some bugbears he had freshly killed. Koron complied by drinking from the unholy goblet and was given his freedom. Confident that Koron would never make it to the surface, the evil priest blinded him and sent him on his way. Surprisingly, Koron did make it back and eventually regained his sight thanks to a cure blindness spell.

The final battle occurred on the second dungeon level beneath the Temple. The evil clerics and their minions were too much for the party and the adventurers were all slain. Thus ended a very memorable and well-received campaign for our gaming group. For those who played in this campaign, the catch-phrase "drink the bugbear blood" lives on to this day.

Character sheets:
Celthian Linfield