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Annual 1—Class Reunion
The Protectors encounter someone in a battle suit fighting crime in New York City. He is a would be super-hero that introduces himself as the Annihilator. The Protectors are very interested in him as a trial member. They tell him that the name Annihilator has to go, however. It is not beneficial for good public relations. He agrees with this stipulation, changes his name to Knight Warrior, and joins the team.

Knight Warrior—A big burly man who is even more fearsome when wearing his hardened battle armor suit. Strong without it, he becomes super-humanly powerful with it.

Hearing of trouble at an upstate New York high school, the Protectors head out to investigate. They discover a school in the clutches of teachers with motives less than pure and powers greater than normal. It's the Protectors versus the OFA teachers! The Protectors battle a loaded lineup of augmented teachers: Pig Me, Marvelous Marvin, Señora Riemer, Fat Ron, French the Wench, the Goob, Turtlehead, GeoWoman, Doctor Overhead, Bulldog, Mad Turk, Ms. Lisy, Mr. K., Mrs. Mann, and the Mangy Furball. All of this, plus they have to contend with OFA students and the famous OFA bong team members. Despite these overwhelming challenges, the Protectors emerge victorious and free the school from its evil overlords.

#21—Night of the Living Dead
The Protectors feel prepared for most anything now with the addition of the powerful Knight Warrior to their lineup. However, they are unsure how to respond when the city is gripped with a bizarre and macabre crime spree. Graves have been disturbed and death, dark arts, and the occult are at the center of all of these actions. The Protectors make the investigation of these sick crimes their top priority. Unfortunately, conflict within the group starts to take its toll and distract them from their true mission.

#22—Life or Death
With a string of dark, mysterious crimes continuing throughout the city, the Protectors have serious problems. But their problems are compounded by quarreling amongst the team members. Late one night at HQ, Gary Thompson, the Knight Warrior, is attacked while working on his armor. He believes the ski-mask wearing criminal was Major Darkstar but gets no proof as the assailant crashes through the window and flies away. The Knight Warrior brings this incident to the attention of the Protectors but nothing is done. Major Darkstar is not even heard from and cannot be contacted. As if this wasn't bad enough, the Protectors find a note from the Knight Warrior. In it, he tells them that he is sick of what's been happening and has left on a vacation. Finally, the Protectors discover who is behind the hideous crimes in town. They are the Deathmasters—Dr. Death, the Necromancer, Lifestealer, Graverobber, and Vampire—a group of individuals who are obsessed with death and the dark arts. Two members short, the Protectors face them anyway. They fight at night… the Deathmasters' domain. It is a difficult combat. Firephase and Lifestealer struggle in the Protectors A-Grav. Lifestealer gets the better of Firephase and picks him up over his head,. He threatens to hurl Firephase to his death unless the Protectors stop their attack. They attack regardless. Firephase is saved by his resistant body, sustaining only miinor injuries. Lifestealer gets away but the others are captured.

#23—All Good Things Must Come to an End (double-sized final issue)
The Knight Warrior returns from his vacation only to find his armor missing from his apartment. He returns to Protectors HQ to ask what they know about it. No one claims to have any information. Meanwhile, tensions continue to build between Lightning Lord and Knight Warrior. Major Darkstar finally shows up at HQ and there is some heated discussion concerning his removal from the Protectors. Actual combat breaks out in the conference room between Lightning Lord and Knight Warrior. Knight Warrior is injured and taken to St. Arbogast hospital. His armor was mysteriously returned and apologies were exchanged between himself and Major Darkstar. Even so, the conflicts were far from over. With accusations flying and tempers flaring, Lightning Lord goes so far as to shock Firephase, the leader of the Protectors. During the meeting, Gary Anderson (the former Cyborg), drops by for a social visit. He cannot believe his eyes. The Protectors are in shambles. The very group he helped create was being torn apart by internal conflict. After talking with Blast, they both agree that changes are needed. Blast proposes that Gary Anderson should return as Protectors' leader once again. Although no longer a super-hero, he could handle administrative, public relations, and other similar duties. Overwhelmed with the responsibility of leadership, Firephase readily agrees. Cyborg's first action to restore order is the removal of Lightning Lord from the team. This sends Lightning Lord over the edge. Holding a grudge against Firephase, Lightning Lord goes to his apartment and attacks him. Firephase escapes and tells the others. At the hospital, Blast and Densitron leave to go after Lightning Lord. Lightning Lord makes his way to the hospital room of Gary Thompson and hurls him out the window like a human javelin. As Lightning Lord is leaving the hospital, he crosses paths with Blast and Densitron. They stop Lightning Lord and knock him unconscious. But this is not enough! Angry at himself for leaving Gary Thompson's bedside, Blast continues to pummel Lightning Lord to death with his billy club. The Protectors public image is now all but destroyed. Citizens picket their headquarters. The city government is forced to revoke the Protectors' usage of their headquarters and van. All funding is cut off. Gary Anderson disbands the group. The Protectors are no more.

#24—Reunion (series re-launch)
The Protectors have been disbanded for six months now and all the ex-members are enjoying a normal life again. Tom Simpson (Blast) has been focusing on his teaching again. He has also been spending time with Bobby, an eight year old boy with leukemia. For Blast, it has been nice to be Tom Simpson again. Gary Anderson (Cyborg) has found it much easier and more relaxing running Anderson Electronics than being a super-hero. With all of the spare time on his hands, Gary even improved the energy circuits that charge his energy touch. Dan Phillips (Densitron) has struggled for six months as an inventor. His only bright spot is that he was able to improve his Density Manipulator, which he considers selling to make a buck. Jim Lewis (Firephase) feels just great. Lewis ChemCorp is doing better than ever. Jim is in the process of landing another major business deal. Drew Simons (Solamar) has continued his work as a super-hero with one exception. He has now gone public with a new persona … the Force Mover. Finally, J.X. Cutlass (Major Darkstar) has spent the last several months traveling. It is Major Darkstar who contacts Gary Anderson. He has noticed an increasing number of individuals who have been acting strangely, like they were tired or drugged. Gary agrees that he's seen the symptoms in some of his employees. It almost seems to be happening city-wide. With that in mind, they contact the other ex-members to discuss the problem. All have noticed the signs and consider it a threat to the city. They agree to work together on a one-time basis only to find the source of the problem. Also plaguing the city has been a recent crime wave. When the old Protectors arrive at St. Arbogast Hospital to stop some criminals, they meet Dragonfly, a mysterious mutant. Jim Lewis puts his resources to work. With the help of his company, he discovers that the city's water has indeed been drugged. He develops an antidote to correct the problem.

#25—Hyde and Seek
Jim Lewis gets a desperate call from the police. They beg him for help. The police station is being torn apart and the Protectors rush to help. They find Dragonfly and some other super-hero fighting Mr Hyde! This other super-hero is firing ice and gliding on ice ramps. Their attacks appear to have no effect on the crazed super-villain. After a long battle, Mr. Hyde has defeated everyone except the super-hero who calls himself Icelord. Icelord manages to escape with his life.

#26—Forces of Light
Dragonfly and all of the old Protectors are hospitalized. The sole exception is the Force Mover who was not present at the last battle. For a long time, Drew Simons has carried a hatred for Blast. These feelings finally come to the surface. Force Mover bursts into Blast's room and a fight breaks out. Firephase and Blast try to resist but the Force Mover blinds them both with super high intensity light. When Dragonfly stumbles from the next room to help, he is blinded as well. The police eventually capture Force Mover and restrain him in a dark room. However, when they try to move him, Force Mover unleashes blinding light on the policemen and escapes. The Force Mover is now truly over the edge—totally insane. He runs into the street blinding people without mercy to avoid capture. Blast, though blinded, still has his mental powers and uses them against Force Mover. Force Mover is captured once again and eventually goes to court for his trial. As he hears the sentence of life imprisonment, Force Mover laughs mockingly at Blast and Firephase, now blinded. Blast, angered by the insanely mocking laughter, drops the Force Mover dead with a vicious mental blast. Meanwhile, the Cyborg follows a tip to the Taskmaster's training center. He is joined by Densitron and Icelord as they stage an impressive defeat of Taskmaster and his men.

#27—The True Task at Hand
The Protectors are almost totally recovered from the beating administered by Mr. Hyde. They are feeling pretty good about their recent victory over the Taskmaster when the real mastermind behind the mind control plan is finally revealed. Hovering menacingly over the city in his helicopter is Diablo—master of alchemy! He threatens to unleash an even more powerful drug on the city. Before any demands or action can be made, the Protectors rush to the scene. All of the ex-members are quite surprised when the helicopter seems to descend against Diablo's will. Mr. Hyde, working for Diablo, provides some punch for him on the ground. Eventually, Blast does Mr. Hyde in with mental attacks. Using his potions and chemicals to fight off the Protectors is not enough. Desperate and losing, Diablo takes control of Densitron's mind. He tells the Protectors that Densitron will be killed unless they agree to let him go. Suddenly, from the shadows, a man dressed all in black steps away from his motorcycle and fires a shot at Diablo with some sort of energy pistol. Diablo is then captured. The mystery man is known as Cyclon. It was one of Cyclon's inventions that pulled the helicopter from the skies. This invention can override controls on machinery.

Cyclon— A self-made super-hero who has invented several unique and powerful gadgets.

The crisis is over. Already, there is talk of reforming the Protectors once again.

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