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Real name: James A. Lewis
Occupation: Chemist
Identity: Secret
Legal status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record
Other aliases: None
Place of birth: New York City
Marital status: Single
Known relatives: Allan (father), Maria (mother), Jim (grandfather)
Group affiliation: Current and founding member of the Protectors
Base of operations: New York City
First appearance and origin: Protectors #1
History: Jim Lewis exhibited an extraordinary intellect at a very young age. At 15 years old, he was already in college, studying chemical engineering and business management. Physically skilled as well, he was taught to box by his grandfather and excelled in several martial arts. Lewis was engaged to marry his college sweetheart, Karen Williams. Unfortunately, she met a tragic end when struck and killed by a getaway car speeding away from a robbery scene.

After college, Lewis worked at a chemical company in New York City. Along with associate Ed McNeil, he pursued research into the acceleration of healing processes. One day, Jim Lewis was caught in a chemical explosion caused by an equipment malfunction. Despite the intense heat and flames, Lewis inexplicably survived without any serious injuries. Soon after the accident, his powers emerged. He discovered that he had control over fire, a body very resistant to damage, and the ability to "phase."

A couple of years later, Jim's beloved grandfather witnessed a mugging while visiting New York City. He tried to intervene and was subsequently beaten and stabbed repeatedly. The attack had a profound impact on the younger Jim Lewis. Lewis decided to develop his powers and dedicated himself to the protection of the innocent. He created the identity of Firephase to secretly fight crime without drawing attention to his public persona. Several years later, Firephase encountered Blast, Cyborg, Dr. Darkforce, and Tsunami. Together, they founded the Protectors.

Firephase was a calm, reliable member of the Protectors. After Firebolt was killed and Tsunami announced his retirement, the Protectors held a vote to elect a new chairman. Blast and Firephase were nominated and the original voting ended in a tie. After some deliberation, Firephase was eventually chosen. Unfortunately, Firephase's time as Protectors' chairman was a tumultuous one. He accepted Densitron and Knight Warrior as the group's newest members. Major Darkstar and Knight Warrior had a clash of personalities and the troubles began almost immediately. Gary Thompson was attacked by a man in a ski mask while working on his Knight Warrior armor at Protectors HQ. The attacker was Major Darkstar. When Thompson brought his accusations against the Major to the Protectors, the group was divided. Although he privately suspected Darkstar was guilty, Firephase played the role of a neutral mediator. Lightning Lord, in particular, was a firm believer of Major Darkstar and he threw his support behind the veteran member. Knight Warrior's armor was stolen shortly thereafter and Thompson left the group without notice. Major Darkstar was also nowhere to be found. It looked like the Protectors were on the verge of losing two members. Eventually, both members returned and a scuffle between them ensued. Thompson's injuries from the fight with Major Darkstar were enough to send him to the hospital. Major Darkstar eventually returned the armor and issued an apology. It looked like the Protectors were ready to put the recent incidents behind them. However, Lightning Lord was still bitter. He placed blame for the group's predicament squarely on Firephase's leadership. Lightning Lord went to Firephase's apartment and attacked him. Firephase escaped and went to warn the rest of the team. Lightning Lord then made his way to St. Arbogast Hospital and attacked a helpless Gary Thompson. He threw Thompson to his death from his fifth-story room onto the street below. Blast and Densitron battled Lightning Lord in the street and defeated him. Blast bludgeoned Lightning Lord with his billy club, killing him. With the Protectors in disarray, Blast suggested that Cyborg should return to lead the group. Feeling the strain of leadership, Firephase readily agreed.

The city of New York cut off funding to the Protectors and the group was forced to disband. Jim Lewis put the world of Firephase behind him and returned his focus to LewisCorp, his chemical company. Firephase's respite was short-lived. Six months later, the ex-Protectors agreed to work together as New York City was threatened by Diablo. The former Protectors were hospitalized after a battle with Mr. Hyde. They were visited in the hospital by the Force Mover, their ex-teammate formerly known as Solamar. Force Mover and Blast got into a heated argument. Firephase was blinded when Force Mover unleashed an assault of intensely bright light. Firephase hoped his sight loss was only temporary. Unfortunately, it was not. His disability forced him to retire as an active super-hero and he left the Protectors. Jim Lewis spent a significant portion of his personal assets on several experimental treatments and procedures. Eventually, his eyesight was restored.

When global tensions escalated from the threat of the Leader and his space weapons, Firephase returned to action again. He assisted the Protectors and together they defeated the Leader and his plan for world-domination. Afterwards, several members of the Protectors left the team to form Retribution. Firephase agreed to join his old team again and the new Protectors were formed.
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Strength Level: Firephase possesses the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise.
Known superhuman powers: Firephase is able to decrease the density of his own body. This allows him to pass through solid objects and lets solid objects pass through him. Although phasing provides him with an excellent defense, Firephase's body is naturally resistant to damage even when he is not phased. He is impervious to damage from most standard weapons. Even a shotgun blast at short range causes him no injury. When injured, Firephase recovers at an astounding rate. He can heal from near-death to a state of perfect health in approximately 11 minutes. Firephase has the ability to control fire. Although he cannot generate fire himself, he can increase or decrease the intensity of an existing fire. He is able to manipulate the movement of flames and alter their temperature.
Limitations: Exposure to extreme cold causes Firephase to temporarily lose his superhuman powers for an undetermined period of time.
Abilities: Jim Lewis is a brilliant chemist and an accomplished businessman who currently runs LewisCorp. He is very skilled marksman with firearms, both rifles and pistols.

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