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Our gaming club started with the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. One of our very earliest adventures was Cloudland, a 1984 adventure module from Grenadier Models. This was the description from the back cover:

You have heard rumors that Cloudland is a huge castle built many decades ago by a powerful mage. The mage is long dead, but creatures still fight for control of the castle's awesome towers. Beneath the walls of Cloudland, in its subterranean expanses, are rumored to be untold riches and strong, arcane magicks. Many adventurers have attempted to probe its depths, none have ever returned. Do you have the skill and courage necessary to explore Cloudland?

It was a typical hack and slash castle/dungeon crawl. Honestly, it wasn't great. This combat heavy adventure was fairly popular with our group of teenage gamers new to role-playing, however. I don't have many vivid memories of our Cloudland gaming sessions but I do have a couple. First, I remember two characters in particular, Dorian and Phaelen. Despite being members of the same adventuring party, they were completely antagonistic to each other. There was a lot of verbal sparring between the two. They never came to blows but it was close a few times. My second memory is that of a castle tower. The adventurers eagerly climbed its ladder one by one only to be met by combative skeletons at the top. "Up the ladder" was the repeated cry as the skeletons sent body after body plummeting to their deaths. Despite the fact Cloudland was nowhere near a classic, it still served to whet everyone's appetites for more (and better) adventures in the future.