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More Songs About Food Vats

This adventure was part of The Secret Society Wars series. I ran this adventure after our gaming group had been away from Paranoia for years. We had some players new to Paranoia for this one. I remember everyone had a particularly good time.

From the back cover:
Attention Troubleshooters

Treasonous elements in our society have discovered a potentially dangerous biochemical supplement which they wish to introduce into our food supplies. They call it Af-ro-dee-see-ak. Its effects are unknown.

Your mission, whether you like it or not, is to guard the food vats from sabotage while preserving the machinery and personnel in the food vat area. You will have no trouble accomplishing this mission—The Computer says so.

One final, unimportant note: please sign all Release From Damages and Pre-Treason Execution Vouchers before reporting for your briefing. Thank you for your cooperation.

Floyd-R-PNK-1 (Technical Services)
Pie-R-SQR-1 (Central Processing Unit)
Sode-R-POP-1 (Internal Security)
Tate-R-TOT-2 (Armed Forces)
Tube-R-OOT-1 (Housing Preservation and Development & Mind Control)
Jit-R-BUG-2 (Research & Development)