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Dungeons and Dragons was the first role-playing game I ever played. For the first few years, I played no RPGs other than D&D or AD&D. Our gaming club started with D&D and certainly devoted more time to it than any other game. It is truly the granddaddy of all role-playing games.

"The Club" specialized in low level D&D adventuring. Although mid and high level adventuring had a certain allure, our preference was always to work from the ground up with first level characters. Once, we even started a campaign with characters at level zero. The characters were true commoners who had to work their way into their respective adventuring professions. Being the brutal game that it is, character survival was often quite difficult. The highest achievement for level progression we ever had was with several characters who made level six.

There were numerous D&D campaigns that I ran through the years. Here is a small sampling:

For a list of all of the dead D&D characters from our campaigns, check out the Character Graveyard.