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Destination: CBI Sector

This was the adventure included in the original Paranoia game box. It was an introductory adventure suited for a first-time gamemaster and players.

A group of brand new RED clearance Troubleshooters were summoned for their first mission, presumed to be routine. The Computer put an experienced, veteran leader in charge of the group. The mission was simple—visit CBI sector, a region that has been closed to the citizens of Alpha Complex for decades. As is typical in Paranoia, nothing went smoothly. The Computer is never pleased. Equipment malfunctions in unexpected and sometimes bizarre ways. Fellow Troubleshooters are more hindrance than help. Dreams of advancement (ORANGE clearance) and glory are usually dashed before too long. All of this and more happened to my players during their mission.

Ronnie-R-RGN-2 (Central Processing Unit)
Puck-R-UPP-1 (Production, Logistics, and Commissary)
Mem-R-EXX-1 (Production, Logistics, and Commissary)
Tois-R-USS-1 (Production, Logistics, and Commissary)
Capper-R-OSX-1 (Power Services)
Phred-R-MNM-1 (Production, Logistics, and Commissary)