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Night Below was an epic Underdark campaign. The characters began as lowly first-level adventurers on a routine courier mission. Soon, they were drawn into a sinister plot that menaced the entire land of Haranshire. This epic story was planned as a trilogy: Book I, The Evils of Haranshire, Book II, Perils of the Underdark, and Book III, The Sunless Sea. Unfortunately, in our campaign, the mighty adventurers met their demise in Book II and never made it to The Sunless Sea. We started this campaign on 9/12/97 and finished it on 3/7/98.

The Evils of Haranshire:
Our adventurers were the targets of a failed kidnapping attempt. They continued on to search for a missing apprentice wizard. After tracking down the kidnapper gangs, it appeared these misdeeds were the work of an evil death cult. However, all was not as it seemed. The trail of evidence led them to Broken Spire Keep, the Garlstone Mine, and eventually a cavern inhabited by Bloodskull orcs.

Perils of the Underdark:
The adventurers continued into the Underdark where they encountered Svirfneblin, the deep gnomes. They were told of a greater evil that existed deeper below. The Svirfneblin warned of dangerous Illithids, more commonly known as mind flayers. As the brave party ventured deeper into the extensive underground tunnels, they fought their way through troll caves and a grell nest. The final battles took place in the caves of the Slime Lord Juiblex. After facing an onslaught of slimes, oozes, puddings, and other horrors, the final party members met their demise at the hands of a desperate and paranoid wizard by the name of Kranin.

In addition to the primary player characters listed below, there was one notable NPC that shared these adventures. A fearless dwarven warrior named Snagger joined the group and fought bravely alongside the rest of the party.

Character sheets:
Elric Snowheart