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Trinity was formed out of The Club's desire to try the Champions RPG, based on the Hero System. As the gamemaster, I wanted to run another comics-based RPG but one with a different feel from the Protectors. The Protectors could probably be classified as a typical 1980s four-color comic. I wanted something more street-level and darker in tone. I purchased the Dark Champions book and adopted Hudson City as the setting for the campaign. With three heroes: Dark Fury, Angel of Justice, and the Ghost, Trinity was born.

Dark Fury started as an auto body technician and shop owner named Cal Drevin. His beloved wife and daughter were simple bystanders that were gunned down in a deal gone bad. Cal dealt with his loss the only way he knew how. He decided to feed his hunger for revenge by cleaning up the streets. This time, he would write the rules. It would be eye for an eye, his own special brand of justice. He assumed the identity of Dark Fury. Dressed in a black driving suit and helmet, he patrols Hudson City in his custom 1970 'Cuda Supercar.

Danielle Church was a talented geneticist with a promising career at Duke Chemical. Her world was turned upside down when her parents and younger brother died from exposure to experimental chemicals. They were in the wrong place at the wrong time when a Mafia hit on a Federal building went down. Even worse, Danielle learned that these chemicals were traced back to her company. Someone inside Duke Chemical had sold them to the Mafia. Shortly thereafter, she became the Angel of Justice, going places and doing things that Danielle Church would never do. She now tirelessly combats injustice and hopes someday to link a suspected coworker to this Mafia crime.

Richard Mannington was a cop. A good cop. He worked as an undercover detective gathering evidence to take down a prominent Mafia crime family. He was getting close. Too close. He still isn't sure where it all unraveled. His cover was blown and one day he was setup for a crime he didn't commit. In the eyes of the law, he was now a dirty cop. A dirty cop on the run. Richard Mannington then did what he did best. He erased his identity and assumed a new one. Then another and another. Unwilling to give up the fight against criminal scum, he assumed a vigilante identity. After working odd jobs during the day, Richard Mannington dons his signature dark blue trench coat and hits the streets as the Ghost.

Character sheets:
Angel of Justice
Dark Fury
The Ghost

Story lines:
Hudson City Blues