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Birthright was a campaign world created by Rick Baker and Colin McComb. It was released by TSR back in 1995. I always appreciated Gary Gygax's Greyhawk and Ed Greenwood's Forgotten Realms. But Cerilia, the world of Birthright, was quite unlike any other fantasy campaign setting I had ever played in or read about. It became my all-time favorite campaign setting by far.

This was a world of war-torn lands where the players could assume the roles of mighty rulers. No longer were they limited to playing simple adventurers. They could be guild masters, regents, and other notable descendants of royal bloodlines. They had the power to command armies and even rule entire kingdoms. This was what epic adventuring was all about.

Our campaign took place in the Cerilian domain of Ilien, located on the southern coast of Anuire. In the spring of 550 MR (Michaeline Roele), Morean Aglondier, Count and Regent of Ilien, was a dying man without an heir. He was dying from an assassin's slow and lethal poison. He dictated instructions to his faithful servant and advisor, Seneschal Godene. Morean bequeathed the regency of the domain to his most trusted apprentice, Cyron Blackmoore. Cyron Blackmoore inherited the Aglondier name and bloodline. He became the sixth Aglondier regent in a ruling line that dated back to Lehone Aglondier over 200 years ago.

One of Count Cyron Aglondier's powerful allies is Thardax D'Aligar, a paladin who is the leader of the Sacred Order of Haelyn. The two major churches in the realm of Ilien are the Sacred Order, which is predominant, and the Eastern Temple of Nesirie. Thardax has supported the new regent throughout his young rule.

Another individual who has become a trusted associate of the Count's is Raelynne Duprés. Raelynne is an accomplished bard who studied under the famous Molreyn Perium. Master Perium has played his lute for more than two dozen regents and still performs regularly at the Lonely Traveler Inn in the small town of Caette in central Ilien. After acquiring her own degree of fame, Raelynne made her way to the Free City of Ilien. She earned the respect and trust of Count Aglondier and now serves as an official diplomat for the Ilien government.

In just a few short years under Cyron Aglondier's rule, Ilien has faced its share of challenges. The kingdom encountered a scheming mage by the name of Trevor Ciesen. This peaceful and neutral realm was drawn into naval conflict with Mieres that almost escalated into full-scale war. Count Aglondier led an expedition to the lost city of Arador, located on the continent of Aduria, south of Mieres. There, forces of Ilien met with goblin resistance. Ilien has navigated difficult diplomatic relations with Ghoere and its Baron. Cyron also faced treachery within his own court as political ambitions ran amok. Recently, the realm played host to the Sword and Crown. During this important event, relations between Avanil and Boeruine became strained even more than usual after an attack by raiders. Count Aglondier personally headed up an investigation. It eventually led him to Tower Ruannoch, home to the powerful awnshegh Rhuobhe Manslayer. Princess Aubrae Avan was discovered to be the source of further treachery as well. Ilien continues to face the uncertainty of the powerful and dangerous el-Hadid. He runs the Port of Call Exchange, the largest trading company in all of southern Anuire.

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