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#1—The Beginning (double-sized premiere issue)
A new super-powered team is about to be created—The Protectors! Tom Simpson and Gary Anderson (alias Blast and The Cyborg, respectively) begin their plan to create a team of super-heroes. They search for individuals who have abilities beyond that of normal men. After talking with several candidates, a few stand out. Blast and The Cyborg recruit three members: Dr. Jonathan Thorpe (Dr. Darkforce), Jim Lewis (Firephase), and Frank Morgan (Tsunami). Together, they call themselves The Protectors, a group of crime-fighting super-heroes.

Blast—A shrinking man with mental abilities. His power came from an experiment gone haywire.
The Cyborg—Half-man, half-machine. Gary Anderson was cyborged after a crippling car accident. His transformation has left him with several abilities including an energy touch and the ability to turn into energy.
Dr. Darkforce—A genetics doctor with mutant abilities to control sound, weather, and the mysterious darkforce.
Firephase—A brilliant chemist and business man left with powers after a chemical explosion. His names comes from his abilities: the ability to control fire and phase through matter.
Tsunami—A winged mutant with the strength to lift a bus. He has the ability to control water.

The Protectors face the combined challenge of Radioactive Man, Scorpion, Beetle, and the Fixer. After a long involved battle, Radioactive Man and Beetle are captured. The others get away. But, their greatest challenge is yet to come in… Day of the Octopus!

#2—Day of the Octopus
Doctor Octopus plans to unleash his 30-foot tall metal monster on New York—The Octodroid. The Protectors invade the HQ of Doctor Octopus, the Globe Printing Building. After defeating an all-star villain line-up including Dr. Octopus and his animated printing presses, Scorpion, and the Fixer, the Octodroid begins its campaign of destruction. Tsunami and The Cyborg try to do combat with it, but without success. They finally gain entrance into the Octodroid through hatches in its feet. After destroying several city blocks, the Octodroid is stopped. But, as it's destroyed, it topples over and crushes the Gaston Building—the headquarters of The Protectors!

#3—A Display of Terror
The Protectors regroup, get a new secretary (Sally Wise), and move into the Executive Building. Two new super-heroes are accepted as members of the Protectors:

Firebolt—A true genius. One of the world's most intelligent men. His powers come from the devices he has built. These include a telekinetic helmet, an armored sports car, and his crossbow that shoots flaming bolts.
Gravitron—Gravitron can control gravity with the wristbands he wears. He also carries a sonic disrupter pistol that does vibratory damage.

As New York celebrates the Protectors victory against the Octodroid, Scott Branden is beginning to launch a terrorist plot on the city. The Protectors have to cut the celebration short as they aid the NYPD in its fight against… Armageddon!

Split into three groups, the Protectors go to the three known trouble spots in the city: the Fisk Building, the Hotel Claire, and the 8th Avenue apartment buildings. Dr. Darkforce and Gravition quickly clear the apartments of the terrorists. Meanwhile, Firebolt and Firephase keep watch over the Hotel Claire. But, the real action is at the Fisk Building. Tsunami and The Cyborg battle two snipers on the roof. When the police receive word of a bomb in the St. Arbogast Hospital, Blast and The Cyborg go over to investigate. After defeating an Armageddon member, they search and locate the bomb. But, the Fisk Building is discovered to be the center of the operation where Scott Branden is located. Blast, The Cyborg, Dr. Darkforce, Firephase, Firebolt, and Tsunami all head for the Fisk Building for the final confrontation with Armageddon! As the Protectors confront Branden and his terrorist squad, Dr. Darkforce dark forces the whole room. Everyone, including five hostages fall to the floor—except Branden. Branden threatens to destroy New York with various explosives has has planted if the Protectors try anything like that again. As the Protectors are standing there trying to think of a plan, precious seconds are wasting. Blast decides to act and drops Scott Branden with a mental blast. The Protectors rush to help the injured. Scott Branden survives but four of his followers and one hostage did not.

Feeling guilty for what he's done, Dr. Darkforce tells the Protectors that he's leaving the group! Unable to convince him otherwise, the Protectors get a new member to fill the gap.

The Blitz—Steve Quick is able to increase his speed. When wearing his costume, he is able to run as fast as a train.

#5—An Evening with Doctor Overhead
Receiving information from the police about break-ins at warehouses of educational equipment, it can only mean one thing. Dr. Overhead is on the loose. Together with his gang of Bulldog, Geo Woman, Medusa, and the Mad Turk, Dr. Overhead directly challenges the Protectors! The Protectors clash with Doctor Overhead and his gang in an abandoned warehouse. During combat, Blitz, the newest Protector, was knocked unconscious. The Protectors defeated Dr. Overhead and captured all of his gang. Blitz was not seriously injured.

#6—The Last Resort
The Protectors are given a gift from the Arrow Educational Supplies Corporation—a trip to the Rockies. Firebolt and the Cyborg stay behind. The Protectors arrive to discover that Iron Man has been captured. They fight many villains, including Radioactive Man, Pyro, Whirlwind, Plantman, and Blizzard. Firephase and Gravitron are captured. Eventually, the Protectors find Iron Man but he is not the Iron Man they know. He is under mental control by Mandarin. After fighting with Iron Man, the Protectors are confronted by Mandarin. They are fighting perhaps their toughest opponent yet.

#7—Court Martial
The Protectors fight and defeat Mandarin. He escapes and they defeat him a second time. Later, they meet up with Blizzard. Gravitron swore he would kill him on sight. After the Protectors battle Blizzard into unconsciousness, Gravitron decides to deliver a death blow. He fires one shot before the rest of the Protectors can restrain him. The Blitz decides to finish Blizzard off with his darkforce. The Protectors hold a team meeting to decide the future of their group. Although Blizzard did not die, the decision stands—Gravitron and Blitz are thrown out of the Protectors by a majority vote. Gravitron will not accept it and attacks the Protectors in a rage. He is defeated and turned over to the police. He breaks free and the Protectors are forced to stop him again.

#8—Cry Havoc! Cry Electro!
As the Protectors return to New York, they decide, in mutual agreement with the police, to set up patrols in the city. Also, they begin to search for a new member to fill the gap left by Blitz and Gravitron. They find such a member in Sonar.

Sonar—An ex-Air Force member who received his powers in a military experiment. He now has control over sound waves, even using them as a weapon. He also seems to have some sort of mental control over the minds of animals.

Two groups are set up for the first patrol. Firebolt and Firephase form the first group. The second group consists of Tsunami and Protector-in-training Sonar. After stumbling upon nothing but petty crimes, Tsunami and Sonar find Electro on top of a building, firing lightning bolts to frighten the people. It takes all four of these Protectors to finally stop him.

#9—The Haunting of Harris House
In their search for a seventh member, the Protectors are greeted by a hero called Stunner.

Stunner—A mutant with power over sound, very similar to Sonar. He also has a strange effect on people, paralyzing them with his touch.

Stunner gets off to a bad start with the Protectors by paralyzing Cyborg to demonstrate his power. They do accept him, however, as a member in training. The Protectors get a call from Heather Hudson and are asked to come to Canada and help with a problem in the absence of Alpha Flight. The Protectors leave for Canada with the exception of Firebolt and Sonar who stay behind. The Protectors find out that a Canadian Secret Service Agent has been attacked by some creatures and lies at death's door. Stumbling upon a so called "haunted house," the Protectors find two super-villains. The mystery is just starting to unfold.

#10—When the Hammer Falls
The Protectors are investigating the James Bay Hydroelectric Plant when it is suddenly attacked by armored men and… Hulks? The Protectors fight them off with help from the real Hulk. Firephase sustains life threatening injuries and is sent to a hospital. Gathering information from a captured Raider, the Protectors go to Fort George to find Justin Hammer, the man behind the attack. Their helicopter is shot down and they are confronted by Melter and Blizzard, two mercenary super-villains. The Protectors easily defeat them and continue to learn more about "the Other."

Chronicle: Issues #11–20
Chronicle: Annual 1–Issue #27