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The Origin of Blast

Approached by the U.S. government, Tom Simpson, Professor of Robotic Engineering, and his associate Bill Pierson, were tasked with a top secret assignment. Simpson and Pierson had created an android with incredible weapons systems for the military. They were ready to initiate the final step. They were going to give the android an artificial brain, using the latest in microchips and bio-medical technology. Everything was ready for the last step. A highly concentrated beam of gamma radiation was to be aimed at the center of the brain to start a chain reaction in the neurocenter of the android's brain.

Two hours before the gamma ray shot, a team of terrorists slipped past the security systems of the research lab, killing multiple guards and technicians. While half a dozen terrorists stood guard, several others wheeled the android out of the lab onto an awaiting truck. Instead of shooting the two professors, the sick-minded terrorist leader thought it fitting to fry their brains with their own gamma ray. Bill Pierson was first. The high concentration of radiation turned his brain to utter oatmeal. Professor Simpson was more fortunate. Before a full dose was administered, a second team of government security guards reached the lab in time to turn off the ray. However, the terrorist leader escaped with the android. Tom Simpson was alive but was left with a less than average IQ.

After months of recouping, Tom realized that he could feel the presence of minds with his mind. Even if he had his eyes closed, he could pick out an individual's mind in a room full of people. In later experiments, he realized that he could actually crush people's minds with his own. He also realized that he could cause himself to shrink in size as small as six inches.

Tom Simpson also discovered that he was remarkably agile. With these discoveries, he trained intensively in hand to hand combat, specializing in both blunt and sharp melee weapons. He also went back to the lab and retrieved a spare set of stun bands that were originally meant for the now missing android. Using these new powers and talents, he became Blast. He was a super-hero with a mission - find and stop all those who commit injustices to society, while trying to find the terrorist leader who fried his brain and killed his associate.