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The USS Sparon is a 9,000 metric ton Vulcan-designed Karekh Class explorer operating in Star Fleet's Merchant Marine Command. While on a routine survey mission, the crew of the USS Sparon receives an urgent message from the Star Fleet Museum at Memory Alpha. As the closest available ship, the Sparon is ordered to investigate an attempted break-in of one of the museum's storerooms.

The investigation leads to the planet Daran V and a group of dissatisfied Star Fleet veterans who voice the opinion that much stronger measures should be taken against the Federation's enemies. Decisive action is needed when the museum reports the successful theft of a mothballed battleship, the USS Juggernaut. The Juggernaut is the sole remaining Romulan battle cruiser from the Romulan War. If this ship were fitted with modern warp engines and other equipment, it would be a very potent vessel.

Orion pirates are behind the spacejacking. The crew of the Sparon discover this and determine the location of the stolen ship. After Star Fleet is alerted, the USS Lexington, USS Striker, and USS Nhat-Le are quickly diverted to the area. They manage to destroy the Orion pirate vessel. Unfortunately, the Juggernaut was destroyed in the engagement as well.

Another mission was when the Sparon traveled to Quilian IV to pickup a private photo-safari party in accordance with the UFP Distressed Traveler's Act. In addition to dangerous wildlife, the crew eventually encountered a ruthless, scheming Andorian by the name of D'val K'tannan. The crew managed to free the survey party held by natives and captured K'tannan as well.

This campaign was notorious for some very memorable characters. Most notably, Captain Salik, a Vulcan who once offered to wrestle a prisoner for his freedom and Rick Mancini, a very gifted engineer who amounted to nothing more than a goof-off and career underachiever. After the demise of the ship's Science Officer, Mr. Serkan, he was replaced by Mr. Salvor.

USS Sparon crew:
Captain Salik, Commander and Navigator
Lt. Alexander Steinman, First Officer and Communications Officer
Lt., jg Salvor, Science Officer
Lt., jg Serkan, Science Officer
Lt., jg Matthew Blake, Medical Officer
Ensign Rick Mancini, Engineer
Ensign J.X. Cutlass, Helmsman