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Mad Merc: The Alulu Island Mission

Alulu Island is in the west central Pacific Ocean about 1000 miles south of Japan. It is an independent island but under "unofficial" protection of the British government. A force of mercenaries under the command of Lt. Col. Martin Strikewell (aka Mad Merc) descended upon the island. The agents were given the mission of investigating the island to determine whether or not the native population was under duress.

The agents arrived on the island and managed to uncover the "hidden horseshoe," a nuclear-powered floating drydock. They managed to infiltrate the horseshoe complex and explored its many decks. As usual, mayhem ensued. A notable encounter was with a cleaning woman that had to be silenced. She was cut free after being tied up and sent falling multiple stories to her death.

Needless to say, the agents did not accomplish their mission and did not make it out alive.