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Operation: Sprechenhaltestelle, Code Name: Pisces

Sprechenhaltestelle is a Cold War hot spot, located in a run-down section of a small neutral European town. Many international foreign services' agents carried on their espionage business here. It was known that East to West defectors were frequently captured here and held at auction for the highest bidder. Ivan Ikatchtakoph and Karl Petrovich were two such defectors that were recently captured. They were energy technicians believed to be within Sprechenhaltestelle.

The mission was three-fold:
1. Find those responsible for the kidnapping and make sure they cease their operations.
2. Locate and disrupt "paradise control," rescue Ikatchtakoph, and get out of town alive.
3. Locate "Amontillado Alley," rescue Petrovich, destroy any evidence he left, and discover how captured defectors can vanish without a trace.