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Real name: James X. Cutlass
Occupation: Former soldier, adventurer
Identity: Secret but known to certain members of the U.S. government and military
Legal status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record
Other aliases: None
Place of birth: New York City
Marital status: Single
Known relatives: None
Group affiliation: Current leader of Retribution, former member of the Protectors
Base of operations: New York City
First appearance and origin: Protectors #14
History: James X. Cutlass was a Major in the United States Army. He was a fine officer that was known for his volatile and unpredictable nature. Thankfully, his many talents and sharp mind got him out of trouble as much as his temper got him into trouble. At some point during his military career, he was offered the opportunity to participate in a top secret experiment. The project was run by Dr. Reinhard, a German quantum physicist that was eccentric but quite brilliant. Dr. Reinhard was a leading researcher into quantum teleportation. Opinions about his research were divided. Some viewed his work as completely outlandish while others claimed it was decades ahead of everything else. The United States was extremely interested in the military potential of battlefield teleportation. The potential benefits were obvious and Reinhold was reportedly paid vast sums of money to work on the project. Overall, the military was disappointed with the results of the experiments. However, for one brief moment, the incredible potential of Dr. Reinhold's theories was demonstrated. Several witnesses observed the teleportation of James Cutlass over a brief distance. Unfortunately, the unpredictable nature of quantum mechanics made it a feat that they have since been unable to duplicate.

It lasted but a tiny fraction of a second but something about that teleportation transformed James Cutlass. Through the mind-boggling nature of quantum mechanics, Cutlass was simultaneously nowhere and everywhere. He experienced a very strange sensation, like his very being had touched many different dimensions at a subatomic level. It was hard to comprehend and even harder to explain. After the experience was over, he was left with superhuman powers. Although he had no prior knowledge of the Darkforce dimension, he had touched it and retained a connection to that mysterious force.

Cutlass eventually retired from the Army. However, a quiet civilian life did not suit him. He became Major Darkstar, a super-hero who would put his powers to good use. Soon after, he joined the Protectors and began his turbulent relationship with the group. He got his first taste of the super-hero life as the Protectors faced the intricate schemes of Kang the Conqueror. After the Protectors defeated Kang and restored the proper timeline, Major Darkstar was physically and mentally exhausted. He took a leave of absence from the group.

Major Darkstar returned to the Protectors but he was in a state of mind that was far from stable. He got into trouble when he slashed the tires of a police car. Worst of all, he turned on Knight Warrior, a fellow team member. Gary Thompson was alone in Protectors HQ, working on his Kngiht Warrior armor one evening. Major Darkstar, wearing street clothes and a ski mask, entered the room and attacked Thompson without warning. Unfortunately for Darkstar, Thompson was a challenge even without his battle suit. The burly, former wrestler almost managed to subdue him. Major Darkstar feared an embarrassing defeat and used Darkforce energy to knock Thompson unconscious. The Protectors and their recently elected new leader, Firephase, faced another crisis of internal conflict.

Major Darkstar broke off contact with the Protectors and left the area for a while. Knight Warrior brought his accusations against Major Darkstar to the rest of the team. Other than Lightning Lord, most of the Protectors were inclined to believe Knight Warrior. Darkstar's past actions certainly did not help his case. While Gary Thompson was on vacation, Major Darkstar further escalated the situation. He stole the Knight Warrior armor from Thompson's apartment. Eventually, he returned the armor and apologized to Thompson. The rift between them was healed shortly before Knight Warrior's death at the hands of Lightning Lord. All of these events led to the Protectors disbanding the group.

Six months after the Protectors were disbanded, Darkstar reunited with his ex-teammates. They faced several adversaries and eventually reformed the group again. After defeating their arch-nemesis, the Leader, the Major realized that he had no desire to stay with the Protectors. He thought that a tougher team was needed, one willing to break the rules when necessary. With that in mind, he announced that he was forming a new super-team, Retribution. Cyclon, Icelord, Ms. Magnetism, and Ultra-Sound threw their support behind Major Darkstar and accepted his offer to join Retribution.
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black
Strength Level: Major Darkstar possesses the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engages in regular intensive exercise.
Known superhuman powers: Major Darkstar is able to fly at speeds approaching 225 miles per hour. He can generate energy directly from his own body and release it through touch. At full power, his energy touch has the potential to seriously injure or even kill a normal human. Major Darkstar can control the mysterious Darkforce. He has used this power as a weapon, projecting Darkforce energies from a distance. He has also used the ability to blanket an area in darkness.
Abilities: Major Darkstar is familiar with military protocol. He was a trained soldier and officer and has extensive knowledge of military weaponry. He has proven quite skilled at throwing knives.

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