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Real name: Tom Simpson
Occupation: College professor
Identity: Secret
Legal status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record
Other aliases: None
Place of birth: New York City
Marital status: Single
Known relatives: None
Group affiliation: Current and founding member of the Protectors
Base of operations: New York City
First appearance and origin: Protectors #1
History: As a college professor, Tom Simpson was well-known for his expertise in robotic engineering. He was recruited by the U.S. government for a top secret military project. Simpson and fellow scientist Bill Pierson were assigned to work on an android designed for combat. The android's brain was based on bio-technology and required activation by a concentrated beam of gamma radiation.

Just before the android's final activation, terrorists stormed the research lab. Before stealing the android and escaping the facility, they committed a final act of cruelty. They turned the gamma ray on BIll Pierson and then Tom Simpson. Bill Pierson died an agonizing death. Tom Simpson was rescued by the timely arrival of a government security team. Simpson's dose of radiation wasn't fatal but it caused some mental damage. His cognitive abilities were negatively affected and his short-term memory was diminished. Months after the incident, Simpson noticed some other unexpected changes in himself. His mind could reach out and sense other minds in the vicinity. He could actually lash out with a mental blast and cause damage to others. Almost by accident, he learned that he could shrink his entire body. With concentration and practice, he became able to shrink as small as six inches in height.

Simpson was frustrated by his dulled mental faculties and forgetfulness. Physically, however, he felt in the best shape of his life. He decided to become Blast, a super-hero dedicated to fighting injustice and protecting the innocent. With his impressive powers and a set of stun bands taken from the combat android project, he felt ready for his new secret life. Blast met the Cyborg and together they decided to create a team of super-heroes. They accepted three candidates: Dr. Darkforce, Firephase, and Tsunami. As New York's newest super-team, they called themselves the Protectors.

As members of the Protectors came and went, Blast was the veteran who stayed through the roughest of times. Cyborg was the team's original leader. When he left the group, Firebolt assumed the role. After Firebolt was killed by the Rhino, a vote was taken for a new chairman. Blast and Firephase were nominated and the vote resulted in a tie. The team deliberated and Firephase was eventually chosen. Firephase was in charge during a particularly difficult period for the Protectors. Major Darkstar attacked Gary Thompson, the Knight Warrior. Lightning Lord feuded with Firephase and Knight Warrior. Blast asked Cyborg to return and lead the Protectors once again. Cyborg expelled Lightning Lord from the team. The decision prompted Lightning Lord to go on a spree of violence. He attacked Firephase and then turned his anger on Gary Thompson. Unable to defend himself, Thompson was thrown out the window of his hospital room by Lightning Lord. Blast and Densitron discovered Thompson's lifeless body in the street. They hunted Lightning Lord as he made his escape from St. Arbogast hospital. The pair subdued Lightning Lord but Blast refused to stop his attacks. Angry at himself for leaving Thompson's bedside, Blast continued pummeling Lightning Lord to death with his billy club. The public was outraged by the senseless violence from the formerly respected super-team. Under tremendous pressure, Gary Anderson disbanded the Protectors.

When the Protectors disbanded, Tom Simpson was able to completely focus on his teaching again. He also enjoyed spending time with Bobby, an eight-year old boy with leukemia. A mere six months later, New York City was threatened by mind-altering drugs in the water supply. Blast was called to action again by his former teammates. Crime was rampant and the ex-Protectors did their best to stop the dangerous Mr. Hyde. Blast and most of his allies were seriously injured in the fight. They were recuperating at the hospital when the Force Mover (formerly Solamar) paid them an unwelcome visit. Force Mover always disliked Blast and it didn't take long before an argument between them erupted. Force Mover used high-intensity light to blind Blast, Firephase, and Dragonfly. The rampage continued as Force Mover blinded many civilians to avoid capture. Blast aided in Force Mover's capture by subduing him with his mental force. Force Mover was put on trial and he was given a sentence of life imprisonment. Upon hearing the verdict, Force Mover laughed mockingly at Blast and Firephase, both now blind. Angered by the senselessness of it all, Blast killed Force Mover with a series of mental blasts.

The Protectors re-formed and Blast did his best to cope with the blindness. He refused to abandon the team and contributed in any way he could. Firephase did not deal quite as well with his disability. He became depressed and eventually left the team. Jim Lewis drew on his personal wealth to pay for an experimental procedure that restored his eyesight. Unfortunately, Blast's financial situation was not as fortunate. He continued as a blind super-hero for some time before he was able to afford the procedure to restore his eyesight.

Blast and the Protectors conquered many more challenges. They went back in time to correct an altered timestream. They faced rival gangs in the "Gang Wars" and fought numerous super-villains. Even their arch-nemesis, the Leader, threatened them once more. The Leader controlled an orbital platform above the Earth. He intended to use his space weaponry to bring the Earth's population under his rule. The Protectors defeated him in his evil plans. After the crisis was resolved, Major Darkstar announced that he was leaving the Protectors. He formed Retribution, his own team of super-heroes, and took with him several members of the Protectors. Ironically, the remaining Protectors were the group's original roster: Blast, Cyborg, Dr. Darkforce, Firephase, and Tsunami.
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Strength Level: Blast possesses the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise.
Known superhuman powers: Blast has the power to attack an opponent's mind through a psionic blast. He is able to identify minds around him and attack from a distance. This sensory ability is very basic and does not include any clairvoyance, telepathy, or other mental power. Blast has the power to shrink his own body down to six inches in height. He can control the degree of size-reduction. Even at his smallest size, he retains his natural strength.
Limitations: Blast is vulnerable to radioactive material. Close proximity exposure to such material nullifies his superhuman abilities. The effect will eventually wear off. However, persists for some time even after exposure to the radioactivity is eliminated.
Abilities: Blast is a superb athlete with extensive training in hand-to-hand combat. He is quite proficient in unarmed combat but even more so with weapons. His favorite weapon is the billy club, which he wields with exceptional skill. Although he no longer possesses great intelligence, Blast still has considerable knowledge of robotics.
Weapons: Blast wears a pair of stun bands on his wrists. His stun bands deliver powerful non-lethal stopping force far in excess of a standard taser or stun gun. He also carries a steel billy club which hangs from a belt around his waist.

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