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The Origin of Ultra-Sound

Pat Moore was born on May 6, 1961 in New York City. His father left his mother before he was born. His mother did her best to raise Pat by herself. Unfortunately, his mother (Elizabeth) had to work long hours to support herself and Pat. As a result, Pat spent many hours by himself as a teenager. Just after his fifteenth birthday, the pull of the streets got him—he joined a gang. From then on, his schoolwork suffered. If it were not for his mother, Pat probably would not have finished high school. Shortly after graduation, Pat's gang, The Warlocks, ran into a rival gang on the subway. A rumble broke out and Pat's gang lost, suffering some casualties. Two of Pat's friends had been stabbed. The police never caught any members of the rival gang and the murders went unpunished.

Pat changed. His outlook on life became worse. After about a year, his mother finally got through to him and got him some help. After six months of therapy and plenty of pushing from his mother, Pat enrolled in a community college. He discovered that he was very intelligent and very good in science, especially biology. He struggled and worked his way through six years of medical school, two years of an internship, and made his mother very proud.

Pat got a job as a general practitioner in a local health clinic. He liked this job a lot; he was finally helping people. A year later, Pat got a phone call from a friend he knew in college. His friend, James Barnett, worked for a research company named ChemCo Industries. James had just gotten a grant to do research for a cure for cancer. James wanted Pat to work on the research team. This was an excellent turn of events in Pat's life. Now he could really make a difference. Little did he know that this would alter his life forever.

James and Pat worked together for a year and a half. During this time, they progressed in their research. They developed a potential cure using an experimental drug and a modified ultrasound machine. The machine was modified to bombard living cells with very high frequency sound and as a result make the cell vulnerable to change or mutation. The drug would then mutate the cancer cells back to normal. ChemCo Industries used second-hand equipment and defective electronics to modify the ultrasound machine.

James and Pat were working late on night, doing some final testing on their cure. Everyone else had gone home. At about 2 A.M., they began to clean up and shut things down. When it came time to shut down the ultrasound machine, it started to overload. The whole event took about twenty seconds. When it was over, the ultrasound machine had exploded, killing James instantly. Pat was severely burned and was knocked unconscious. When a fireman found Pat, he was barely alive and lying in a pool of liquid. The fireman assumed it was water but it was actually the experimental drug. His body had been showered with the drug during the explosion and the combination of high frequency sound, a healthy dose of electricity from the overloaded circuits, and the drug changed his DNA structure. While he was lying in the pool, the drug got into the burns and changed his skin.

After nine months of healing and rehabilitation, Pat tried to get ChemCo Industries to go public with what had happened. The company would not even say that the explosion happened. Instead, they tried to take everyone's attention from the event. They told the public that during an unauthorized lab experiment, Pat had accidentally altered his body chemistry. Realizing what he had done, he tried to blame it on this so called explosion. The public bought into this story, and as a result, Pat's patients stopped coming to the clinic. With business failing, the clinic had to let him go. After that, he has not been able to get a job since.

One day, he was making a sandwich. In his haste, he slipped and hit his finger with the knife. By all rights, he should of cut his finger off. However, the knife did not even scratch him. As he thought about this, he realized that the experimental drug must have altered his skin. In fact, the combination of the flames and the drug made his skin very resistant to physical damage.

About two weeks later, he was awakened by some construction noises. He yelled out the window for them to quiet down; of course, they did not. On his way back to bed, he wished for some peace and quiet. Just then, everything went dead silent. Pat thought that he had gone deaf. As he started to think about this, all the noise came back. He did not understand. He tried again and all went silent as before. After some experimenting, he found that he could increase or decrease sound levels just by thinking about it. His feelings about this power were mixed. However, he felt that he had to learn to control this power. It was hard at first but it got much easier the more he used it. Once during his practice, he accidentally blew out all the windows in his living room. After replacing the windows, he moved his practicing outside. This new power was worse than the last one. This power enabled Pat to emit sound wave bolts from his body. Without control of these bolts, he could accidentally injure someone. The next month was spent getting control of these bolts. It progressed well. As with the other power, it became easier with practice. Once again during practice, another power manifested itself. This one came in the form of a small round missile; he could not figure out what this one did. Pat called in an old favor and got the use of a lab. He did tests on the missiles themselves and on his DNA. It took some time but he finally found that the missiles were a form of nullifying matter. Some more experimenting found out that the missiles gave Pat the power to decrease or totally cancel out any one inborn super-power. Pat theorized that this power came from his body's ability to make the experimental drug that mutated him. Upon creation, Pat could expel the drug from his body as a projectile. If this missile hit its target, this new form of the drug linked Pat to the power in the target. This effect is not permanent. It only lasts as long as Pat concentrated. The test on his DNA also turned up another interesting fact. His cells could now absorb electricity and then expel it from his body doing it no damage. In effect, this made him invulnerable to electricity.

With these powers came the responsibility to use them for justice. Pat decided to use these powers to right injustices. Injustices like the one he witnessed as a teenager and the one ChemCo did to him. So one night in late 1991, Ultra-Sound was born—a man trying to make his mark and at the same time clean up the streets of New York City.